these two days, repeatedly break buy scam thing, a time for people to buy through the website of the trust greatly reduced, a lot of people’s psychological suddenly pick cheap to cautious wait-and-see attitude. This station is also a plate of cold water to the current hot group purchase, people have to re-examine the current station paima on-line phenomenon in group purchase. Since the group buying site has received large amounts of venture capital, the group buying websites have been springing up in large numbers, trying to grab a slice of the market before the market is stable. However, the threshold is not low buy station, is not you casually put a program, and then do the next SEO on the Internet to promote what you can do. Easy to operate, difficult to operate, how to successfully buy Group website is the site must seriously consider the problem.

1. Be careful with online shopping

online shopping brings us great convenience problems, there are also great risks. Now online shop threshold is very low, products vary greatly, the quality can not be guaranteed, the most important thing is that, because it is not local businesses, you can not find the door, once the product problems, you often can not protect rights. If you buy it yourself, you may choose to put up with it, but if you buy it, you have to bear joint and several liability. Therefore, the organization of online group buying should take a very cautious attitude, must strictly select a good brand and reputation of the online shop, you can not guarantee the credibility of each other, should resolutely not buy.

two, understand the market, strict choice merchant

‘s business process is tough, but it’s not difficult to choose. The first choice is that the unspoken rules are few, and the product and service process is really visible, such as clothing, catering, etc.. For some unspoken rules and more tricky industry, you must have a certain understanding of the industry, and really do not understand, then consult the relevant people in the industry. Such as building materials group purchase, how to judge the quality of their products, how to prevent the shoddy; such as wedding photography, the so-called package how much service, what service is for you to pay more to enjoy complete; such as glasses, foreign imports of so-called what is true or the production of Wenzhou is not high prices will pull then the false discount U.

three, construction contract brand store

business why willing to agree to buy with the station to cooperate, both to give users preferential, but also to the site commission, mostly not for one-time sales, but want to long-term brand marketing. For businesses that are well represented and well represented, they can be displayed free of charge on the site as a sign up store. Businesses are not many, and if they can continue to cooperate, there will be good income. This is to allow businesses to reach the purpose of brand promotion, can also provide a guaranteed discount for the user, group purchase station can therefore sustained profitability, achieve win-win.

four, buy process open, allowing users to fully comment

only really open, allowing users to participate in the whole process of buying the whole process of discussion, you can effectively ensure the smooth completion of group buying activities. Prior to the group purchase, this business was used