lives in the 3G and 4G era of people who constantly Tucao, I do not know if you remember the dial-up Internet era. We don’t expect much of the Internet speed, but we’re always obsessed with high phone bills. We do not have too many expectations of the site, Sina, Sohu, NetEase is the favorite.

The same

, the two or three line of the city’s many media practitioners will miss the old days, when the customer does not necessarily understand the network, but may accept the concept, not necessarily depend on the network, but it is easy to set. First-tier cities and many have Internet genes of different business, the two or three line of the city was founded by many media earlier in traditional advertising business, traditional media business or other areas of the business operation mode is the boss, after the station staff copy paste + business personnel of traditional marketing + the bosses of the top public relations.

to advertising sales habits and familiar with the platform tend to Internet platform as outdoor advertising in general for sale, the difference is only the most of the customers are not able to understand such delivery, which will bring, at least they can’t imagine heavy traffic flow billboards before.

, but the elusive thing is not always mysterious, and as more and more platforms begin to build concepts and even falsify data, customers are becoming cautious and picky.


of this process the sense of crisis is not so straightforward, most of the network platform to go professional training consciously or creating a new service system, even Sina Sohu SouFun Tencent local site, also because of various reasons and sluggish.

When the

platform is becoming more and more serious homogenization of customer requirements, more and more, many network media began to feel the pressure, rare, many operators complain about talent team instability and customers put the amount of slow growth. Market pressure will give solutions. When out can not be avoided, will lead to more platforms and practitioners convert operational ideas, take the initiative to improve the professional level of its own, from the simple to the customer to recommend resources, combined with the needs of users gradually active customer demand, combined with their own resources, give full play to the initiative… As… This process is full of tangled and cruel.

will be regarded as the future of the Internet platform of the sunrise industry, and is not a kind of foam and illusion, but according to the changes of people’s living habits and the development of science and technology make judgments, just like the apple mobile phone opened the era of intelligent machines, behind the left lonely and unwilling to fall giant NOKIA.