recent personal business more, so it can write less chance, really like until now have the time to write, but I forget things, don’t know what to write. I’m Guo Yeye from Hubei, Baidu, A5 forum, ID, Baidu promotion, everybody,


, Section 1,

night often till midnight, Baidu promotion business looks very good, in fact it is not so easy, especially after orders to tell customers how to operate the background, how to write the description and creative. Your website also has less time to take care of it. Every day with wake up, meet customers, but want to play 12 points spirit, performance pressure is very big, but I believe, resist, always wait until spring.

before A5 mad articles, the quality is low, the transfer rate is relatively low, in fact is to do the chain website written; as for high, really spread very far, far apart from each other, a lot of friends with me, ask me how to carry out network marketing, network marketing, in fact, there is no specific location. The key is to sort out a set of his own theory, believe that every man to make money through the network, can speak out the words above experience. Although I am not a successful internet marketer, I have earned enough money to support myself.

today, this article should be written very miscellaneous, first talk about my network marketing.

start, I choose the target, do things simply, as long as the target is selected, and then work toward the goal. I chose Hubei Baidu because it was so big that it brought me everything I wanted. In the company before, a simple analysis of the structure of the company, found that the company has a lot of sales channels, but the network marketing to do less. Because I decided to use the Internet to sell Baidu promotion.

from the beginning of the release of news everywhere, to the present site construction, build Bo, I learned a lot of things. Here are some of the skills I learned during this period and the skills I developed. Network marketing can not do without the soft Wen writing, a good article, will be favored by many companies, cold son is my example, a lot of places are with him in learning. Website construction of basic knowledge, in fact, with Baidu, a rookie can become a basic network construction experts, for the code does not understand, Baidu you can use it handy.

To enhance the traditional experience of

SEO SEO, but the fight is not the skills, experience, and only a long time struggle in the Baidu front man, only to understand Baidu’s temper, better for your web site to get a good ranking. The conversation, covering QQ chat between the lines, including telephone talks, interviews, to think, actually the telephone marketing is an exercise of people live, requires a lot of skills, this time, my language ability has improved a lot, but also because of network marketing to bring my change.

, I’m also grateful to A5 for providing me with a platform for free development