I have

to start the implementation of the project from the brain to the present, the relatively short duration, in fact I and many entrepreneurs, no money to start their own projects, the need for financing to find venture capital this stage, it is very difficult actually, in contact with many investors and discuss what, no progress, but basically after, I changed the strategy and positioning, the situation is open.


1 project, to respect the market, objective analysis and highlight the most important point, 1) highlights of the project, to be different, to be, 2) business model is clear and operable. These two points will be valued by investors, are you not the success or failure of the project and the key.

2, do not think that the investor’s money so easy to get, there is the risk of investment, anyone will try to avoid the risk or to a minimum. So, in the financing, if your project needs 1 million can complete the operation situation, unable to get such one-time investment, flexible adjustment, financing stage, stage development, but in this case, we must implement steps very scientific arrangements for your project. The reason is that you take the words on a piece of paper to allow investors to investment and the possibility of relatively small, if the project is indeed able to attract investors, may wish to start your project. Xiao investment for project business reflected in the operation mode, to project cash flow stage, investors can invest, to also can go looking for other investment, the more convincing.

3, and in the early stages of operation, any project is in the burn, just started to open is not realistic, but it can throttle operation, when the melt to a small part of the funds the project started, the throttle is very important, reasonable and scientific use of funds for implementation of the project more smoothly and give yourself the time cycle is long, it is important to.

4, when you get a sum of investment funds, you don’t think they got money, and to regard ourselves as the debt, at this time, your responsibilities and obligations will become bigger, you are responsible for your own at the same time, for investors, are responsible for your the team, how to manage, operate well, are you every day to want to do, just don’t money number, rejoicing in the account number, the steadfast to do your.

5 so investors only give you money, not just about your project, you are more and more important, good project is useless, a good character, a sense of responsibility, integrity, dedication and sincere face your partner, if in such a lattice hands, you have a good project. You get investment opportunities will be much larger, when you face your investors, be honest about your project. Don’t need to exaggerate and beautify your project. Don’t do not know what exactly is your project. Forget yourself.

6, a resolute man jumping on the line, the most essential is the quality of.<> in Entrepreneurship