The development of

, led to the birth of a large number of technical personnel, technical personnel and the uneven technology, so creating a structure in the technical level, the pyramid similarly, this structure is also applicable to the industry website.

Pyramid is a block of stone piled up, the cornerstone of the stronger, the greater area, Pyramid itself will be more firm, the height will be higher, this principle is applied to the website is easy to do. I believe we have understood, I want to say, that is the basis of the site,


does my website base, or do you mean the user base of the website?. Now more and more sites, through the optimization of promotion, can put the site up in a short period of time, through the Baidu GOOGLE search engine to bring a lot of traffic, but some loyal users of the site but less poor, every day is several dozens of fixed IP, most of them are based on keyword search and the primary problem, believe that this is also plagued the majority of personal webmaster


today, I’m going to talk to you about this topic. Although I don’t have enough time to contact the Internet, I still have a certain understanding of the development of the internet. Today, mainly for the design of the site to talk about some of their views. The following is to establish China (www. Skeycn. COM) as an example.

Chinese is a guest in the design world famous website to the original theme, currently has just started, but its goal is to make design leader in two years, although this is a little big, but that in itself is still very optimistic about the design of the industry, and you can look at the time of this website, inside knowledge on the design really is a lot of original works including design, commercial design, creative design, cartoon, illustration art, these are certainly the most popular design with related industries.

from my personal point of view, think this site did not how, for example, content and theme of the site, set off in pursuit of China like web content large, although the main theme of this design, but so many columns really makes me feel a bit too much to pursue comprehensive content and just for a fledgling website, it does not worth promoting, but on the other hand, that in itself is still very optimistic about the industry, want to put some industry with the design related to their own gathering station, it was a webmaster very bold person,


said this may be some way off, now it comes to the user based website, the website wants to rapidly expand, in addition to the website optimization promotion, the most important is of course user beer, the user’s mouth, think what are effective ways to promote, and various ways of promotion in the final analysis, or user oriented so, the promotion focus on users.

says users, we can >