forum as a unique interface and structure, particularly convenient for interaction and communication between users of the form of the site, since its birth, has been widely welcomed. The number of users more Adsense whether business or interest have taken the form of the forum website, but by virtue of their excellent operation to create numerous forums and the success of this site, including excellent site for each field known as, from Tianya, Xicihutong, community, A5 forum, webmaster the forum, behind the Forum, there are many other fields and the theme of the famous forum, to create a successful website operation. In this one, the promotion of a key element of success is the forum forum users, for the user’s enthusiasm and arouse the attraction of users, so as to form a lively discussion and lively atmosphere of the forum, is essential for the success of the forum. Therefore, how to enhance the stickiness of users is a topic that every forum operator should attach great importance to.

method to enhance user stickiness has many, however according to the investigation and Research on the well-known forum site, I summed up the five most commonly used and has also been successful forum site proved the validity of the method, to share with you. This method is successful in practice and many webmaster forum forum managers together to find out, so it has a strong guiding role for other fields. All the theme of the forum at the same time for operation, operation of the website for reference, hope to all the webmaster of the site operation and some inspiration.

method 1: create a hierarchy of concise and clear member level systems.

is the earliest Internet words such as "prawn", "rookie", "water" from the early forum called electronic bulletin board, from these early words in the network can be seen in it in the forum had "voluntarily" formed the "qualifications" of "seniority" the forum ranking characteristics, so in between members of the formation of early level system. With the development of the forum, especially the successful forum as an example, they can create and maintain a set of reasonable and clear management, grading the grade of membership system, this system can effectively promote the level of enthusiasm of the members of the forum in order to increase the qualifications, qualifications or become more forum a special role and efforts in order to increase the membership, activity and stickiness.

has two methods: the use of "eye effect" awesome activities to keep stimulus.

forum has the most superior general website form is to create the most active atmosphere, forming their own unique culture, which is one of the core or foundation is a large number of members of the user, how to keep them on the forum of freshness, maintain their vigor state, is an important way to increase user stickiness. Keep this attractive. Learn from the successful sites such as A5 forums, the daily spike activities, to "real money" action to stimulate the user, so that members of the forum feel every day surprise and >!