tonight or want to always check the website traffic statistics, previously used cnzz statistics, recently Baidu launched Baidu statistics, go to apply for, try and pass, and put on the.

In the

view statistics, I also opened two statistics, suddenly found the website source [keyword] there are differences in! After careful comparison, found that Baidu keyword statistics and cnzz statistical differences in the sources of a maximum flow of popular keywords (disclose here)! This keyword is over Google traffic.

Only the

keyword Baidu has no other statistics, from the Google keyword statistics.

and Baidu search data statistics system! This keyword is

discovered the secret, some afraid of using Baidu statistics, if the site from Baidu flow is too high, was Baidu statistical monitoring found, do not know whether the probability of being K will be greater.

took Baidu’s statistical code, bid farewell to Baidu statistics. Baidu is too BT, too scary, and even the statistical system is spared, was K keyword (the station has not been K, was down right)..

site traffic by Baidu station, it is best not to use Baidu Statistics…

attach a keyword statistics chart:


Baidu and Baidu search statistics, remind a lot of traffic sources and is used by Baidu Baidu statistics of the webmaster, don’t forget that Baidu is using the Baidu statistics hold you may in all the information. The search engine and will be ready to move to.