your website last adjusted advertising is how long ago? A week ago? A month ago? Or more ago? If the answer is more than three months, then you have too long time to pay attention to this point.

ads on the web, the purpose is to make money. Different advertisements make different money. Different advertisements make different money. An ad for A is not necessarily for B. Many of these factors tell you the importance of advertising optimization.

below is a few reasons for advertising optimization:

original advertising or advertising category disappeared,

an ad does not always exist. Google, for example, recently announced that it would end Adsense’s recommendation for the product by the end of August. So, if you have a Adsense recommendation on your website, you must take it off at the latest, or else it will be wasted.

existing advertisers increase advertising unit price by

sometimes advertisers increase the price of advertising. For example, if visitors from North America Download and install Windows Live Toolbar through your station, usually you get a dollar reward. In June of this year, Microsoft will increase the price is $four. After this time, put more Microsoft Windows Live Toolbar ads on the site, it is likely to earn some money.

‘s new ad alliance launches


new advertising alliance may be worth a try, because sometimes the Advertising Federation is willing to pay more to attract publishers. As a result, joining a new advertising alliance can sometimes pay better than existing advertising.

ad position adjustment

advertising position is the best place, everyone is recognized as Above the Fold. Above the Fold means that the location is in a web page, you do not have to rely on the mouse down to see the place. This is not a small location, so you can test how you want to put an ad, or even a few ads.

The most important thing about

is to keep track of advertising effectiveness. The benefits of different ads can be seen from their eCPM values. I think I should watch it at least once a month. Of course, if you have the time, it’s better to follow more often.

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