April 20, 1994, NCFC project through the United States Sprint company into the Internet 64K international line opened, to achieve a full functional connection with the Internet. From Chinese international was admitted to the seventy-seventh of the country really have a full-featured Internet, has been 19 years, the Internet brings people into new feelings, at home, on the keyboard will know everything in the world. Tens of millions of small and medium-sized enterprises in China, then this information spring breeze, began its own internet marketing journey.

, and for the Internet technology is strange, can not really enjoy the bonus network, enterprise short board, then, B2B website came into being.

B2B website is integrated into the B2B website and the segment of the B2B website, on these two routes, have been successful, today, there are still many entrepreneurs in planning the establishment of the B2B website, to do business on the Internet, the achievements of its dominant position in the industry. Today, Xiao Bian expressed his views on the integrated operation of the B2B website:

one, a strategic eye.

B2B website is a comprehensive project. It can not be accomplished overnight. It needs a long-term accumulation process. Today, Europe and the United States generally downturn, the global market downturn trend, China as a trading type of export power, inevitably affected. The rise of international raw materials and the promotion of labor cost have become unavoidable problems for enterprise development. In this situation, more enterprises have put their eyes on the Internet, and as a low-cost marketing channel, many companies have benefited from it. But to be a hot spot for the development of the vast western China, is bound to become the explosive growth of the enterprise, and with the younger generation go on stage, to gradually control enterprises, they will have a deeper understanding of the Internet, will most of the energy input to the enterprise marketing network marketing, and started the operation of B2B website, at this time optimistic estimates, in five years time, to win the spring. Operating B2B websites is like running a group of companies, requiring strategic vision rather than immediate gains and losses.

two, operation chapter.

1. operation initial stage. Equipped with a web site optimization personnel, need to understand the web application and SEO technology, two tennis series. To the original and pseudo original, in this period, mainly is "stable", culture of the website in the search engine a good impression, the accumulation of weight and the amount of information, not the beginning of the two grade domain name, web site through the new stage smoothly. Website construction should not be too complex, the hierarchical structure as simple as possible, so that search engines more convenient to grasp the content of the site, for future good development to lay the foundation.

2. mid term operation. Basically in six months later, at this time, we need to increase efforts to optimize the site promotion. Increase the number of network editing and increase the intensity of website updating according to the development situation