in the Internet world, can be said that the legendary everywhere, such as the flow rate in a very short time to break million, maybe this a legend in the past two years will not be counted as a brilliant blog great miracle, but in recent years, with the decline of the blog, there have been also intense phenomenon of personal blog, build from the ocean the other side of the United States of a 31 year old blog enthusiasts in this big setting down did eight months flow break billion legend, in this flow can make personal blog to achieve into the tens of thousands of knives, this point in our personal blog industry, it seems that even thought.

so what makes We can learn from the what operation experience? The Internet may also reproduce the personal blog legend? For these questions may have plagued many wandering in the Internet industry in the loss of many owners, as long as a careful analysis of success of in fact, we want to to succeed, but also pay attention to the following points can let oneself become the miracle worker.

, do you have any creative blogs for your personal

?’s success lies in its unique creativity, that is to share experiences, love and affection, is a can let people or moved, or happy or sad or happy emotion base, the contents of which can make a lot of people looked to share and reproduced. Perhaps a lot of stationmaster will feel to want to let oneself write such article, that still might as well kill me, operation and maintenance website is still OK, make content very difficult. However,’s three small team did not go to create, but to reprint, that is to say,’s success is entirely reproduced from the creative, and reproduced content is the boutique in the boutique.

this idea seems simple, but the operation is not simple, it is said that the founder of every day to browse the 1600 blog above to screen content, which does not include the other two part-time staff. Thus, in addition to the original creativity of’s success, it still needs to have the energy and persistence to realize this idea.

two, know how to sell yourself,, another law of success is very understand marketing yourself, Facebook is the biggest source of traffic, Facebook is obviously a marketing method, because the flow of people in the United States Facebook itself has a very high, plus Facebook is a shared platform, once the content is good it is easy to produce viral propagation effects, is clearly on this, coupled with the effect of the content is reproduced very quickly in the >.