Hello, brother Bai:

saw an article today "the establishment of a primary school teacher perplexed and confused" after reading a text, I felt it was preparing for the establishment of the process there are some questions, so take the liberty to you. Come to the post, if any inconvenience, please forgive me!

at present, the establishment of a resource site is prepared and a friend, of course, the Internet resource station but we are not like the innumerable, Pacific, Inc. such huge download site, because we can’t afford to play, we said the station is to provide resources such as commercial source and tutorials various site procedures, and some business VIP tutorial video resources; there is a part of the resources of this kind in our hands, but if established as time, resources is not enough, so we will go to the major site of mining or spend money to buy to provide to our members.

before, my friend and I have two sets of profitable programs, I hope pine brother can give advice:

: a forum to implement a membership system, part of a commercial source, VIP video and other free and open to paying members to download for free membership, we also have a free provision of resources; however, now this kind of forum there are many, we certainly are not competitive, because our resources are where they are. So there are second profit schemes.

two: all resources forum to implement all free downloads, including the purchase of commercial code, VIP tutorials are free to download, download the forum coins, coin reward source download and upload through the promotion of business resources, profit for advertising profits, but trouble again, is certainly early to put a lot of, including Forum operations and promotion as well as the resources to buy; because we build this website is to earn pocket money, of course, we will invest in investment promotion.

so these days have been plagued by this problem, the implementation of the first scheme is good, but I guess development certainly not develop, because there are many do it; if it is second sets of programs, because many users love free, so I want to develop or able to develop, but is the early in the purchase of resources must cost a lot, I would like to ask: do you think that song brother or plan best? I hope you can provide a good solution to


thank you for your reply to this email whether you received it or not,


Lu Songsong answers:

, hit you first. Your idea is like this picture,


no matter what program will make the station did not last long, not bigger, the so-called commercial source is piracy, the training content can be found to VIP tutorial is online, you can sell the commercial source, template, VIP tutorial in the future will let you eat.

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