has been doing web work for about a year. So call yourself a station owner. Just over a month ago, I built an independent blog that started with just trying to record something. Let’s talk about the discovery of blogging for more than a month now,


real webmaster must have their own blog! Why do you say so? Doing a website is a coolie living, the webmaster is facing the computer all day long, this everyone deeply understand. Do a blog while you’re doing it. It doesn’t have to be an independent blog or a two level blog. Well, what’s the advantage of this blog? As far as I’m concerned, I have the following advantages in this month’s experience.

1. some of the flashes of inspiration in your normal life record that they are right, say no, and someday these feelings will bring you wealth!


2. write articles about your interests in your blog, so there will be a lot of like-minded people coming to your blog to talk to you. The common interest of owners will soon and you become intimate friends, this aspect of every webmaster circle of contacts are of great help, as contacts for a webmaster how important, I think everyone is aware of the.

3. insist on writing articles can not only improve your writing skills, exercise your writing ability, accumulate over a long period of time, persist in the words, but also exercise your willpower. Do everything need perseverance, the webmaster is no exception, every successful webmaster perseverance is unimaginable.

in fact, there are many, many benefits, see here, you can immediately move to build a blog to experience it.

attached: some of the results I’ve built since Blogging: blogging for more than a month and a lot of harvest, so I wrote this article and talked to you. After the establishment of the blog every day I will know if you have time to write some ideas of what, sometimes to understand some of their technology out and have the same hobby to learn together, write out and found on these technical aspects of a more thorough understanding. The most important thing is to pay a lot of friends in the website operation, such as 619, Yu Hangzhong, fish, fish, Kaka, Zhou Ge, thunderstorm, ah, sang, Niu brother…… Numerous。 619 and give me a space?. Ha-ha。 Many benefits, just wait for everyone to experience it. When you are free, you can come to my blog. Oh,


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