my station is 2008-5-1 built, when built all of the articles are original, no chain, no promotion, waiting nearly 20 days to be included in Baidu, thankfully all articles are included, it seems that Baidu original love is very correct. Later, because of the problem of work, the site has not been updated until July, I decided to make a big revision of the website. By July 2nd, the site updated, and collected a part of the content, and then every day on Baidu site once, until 7-10, Baidu has always only updated home page, not updated inside pages. In the Admin5 forum also saw many webmaster like me, very helpless, the only way is to wait, but I was the kind of people who love to learn, through a series of exploration, after nearly 5 days of effort, this morning the habit of site, hey, Baidu actually began more of my new station the. Let me share my experience with you:

1, all the collection articles deleted, remember to delete, but not by the robots.txt limit, robots can only limit the search engine, can limit human intervention, and the specific reasons behind.

2, every day to regularly add some original article (pseudo original also line, the best to some is not very popular BBS to find), so that can attract spiders every day to visit, update your home page.


3, Baidu Alliance (oh, not let you really give him the advertising Oh!), we all know that Baidu search there are many human interventions for Baidu alliance needs manual review, we do this is to use him for this, of course, your application will not pass, but he will be clear to tell you the station is not rich enough, rich enough hey, we are not afraid, just don’t say we are garbage station on the line, this is the reason why the acquisition to delete the contents, see a lot of acquisition station for Baidu alliance cannot pass, not by the content is highly reproducible, then a few days on the station by K, indicating highly repetitive sites by artificial examination by Baidu marked for spider reference, so we must have the original station marked it, anyway, I stand by Refused to apply after the spider obviously to more times, it is estimated that Baidu MM told spider, my station is original ~ perhaps directly through the test period, this can pay attention to log.

4, now we can properly collect a part of the article, or else the spider did not eat, but must pay attention to the appropriate modification. Remember to collect before you go to Baidu site once, the station has been K what, collection by K station, must be K.

5, increase the weight of high standing outside the chain, a lot of people say they do not do the chain to me, in fact, ways to come out, my way is to find a few weight relatively high site, find his website vulnerabilities, then contact the webmaster to help him.

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