CN previously used templates to set fake identities. This feature can help many friends and set different names to prevent search engines from collectively dropping rights. True information must now be available, and most platforms must also be authenticated. Even regular stations do not have the risk of being canceled, let alone illegal station, it will die very cool.

CN does not allow individuals to register, but also have to open the company, but also to boil CN meters, the threshold is so high, who still engage in ah?. His weight is not so good as GOV.CN.

has recently been renamed the said regulations, not filing to the domain name. Know neither true nor false. This is more serious, if you do so, most of the webmaster put abroad CN station will all flameout. What’s more, it may be possible to prohibit domestic access to foreign server sites, but it is not clear. Because this is a devastating decision, too terrible, if really implemented, then there is only one way to do only foreign stations, hanging agents to maintain operations. Or engage in the dumpster, only engage in several domestic stand.


CN is the most serious damage to rice farmers, and small owners. Big webmaster on several stations, there are companies, big deal, spend some money on the record, the requirements of all done, on the safe. Small webmaster can not have so much money to meet the requirements, many are impossible task. You have a few hundred meters of rice farming, some tens of thousands of, if everyone do not cry for the dead.

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