introduction: WeChat users broke out, leading to a variety of businesses and individuals at WeChat market, want to rely on WeChat micro-blog platform for the number of users to make a lot of money, which is obviously not in a simple social tools, in order to have commercial tools, as well as individuals from the media tools, social and not so simple. Fingertip communication is still difficult to move forward!

business, is the key of each tool ultimate prosperity, could also be a source of decline, the pure social environment have been difficult to see, Chinese of this circle, the profit rush on like a swarm of hornets, already not much, this road can go far, worrying! Plus social payment more convenient, will present a false the prosperity of the situation. Many people rushed in and returned empty handed.

1: everyone is a micro quotient era, looking for customers is a difficult

industry this group will be called "derivative", this is not the threshold of the business model, everyone is taking a micro, micro business are not uncommon, but you are not taking micro feel fashion, and those earning tens of thousands of reports emerge in an endless stream more firmly derivative, faith, quantity, and in when a certain number of micro business is likely to exceed the real users of that time, has been without derivative. The real circle of friends, customers have been difficult to find, and everyone needs accurate fans, hot sales scene has become a micro dealer boast sales means.

two: Micro quotient group huge, spawned black interest chain

‘s explosive growth, has also spawned many rely on micro mechanism and individual business fortune, many people even what is the most basic derivative, do do not know, is a strength to promote to publicity, to find the real fans. When someone has been eyeing you, pay plus powder, pay promotion, etc., no derivative customers want to rely on such a shortcut to get a lot of potential customers accurate, said the potential, may be "hidden", has been difficult to be your real customers, promotion of high cost, so no derivative to make money, and subjected to a deep blow, I believe many people have passed this way. Of course, these so-called "promotion team" is the biggest profit side, and do not disclose how to operate, understand the people know.

three: personal micro business model, regulatory gaps, consumer rights and interests difficult to protect

We all know that

circle of friends to buy things, there is no convincing guarantee, fake defective is not uncommon, there is no guarantee, no customer service, there is no consumer protection. Who is willing to pay? Who can afford the consequences? This is a lot of micro operators have to consider the issue, after paying the There are plenty of people who disappeared. Good faith, not every micro providers can do, there is no strong constraint, who can guarantee the integrity of the business, deletion could have damaged the interests of consumers and no rights, once the strict supervision of derivative or face dropped a large area.

four: false prosperity, myth,

micro business false flourishing prosperity, in fact, sales far

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