Industry Ministry allocates $7 million, proposes stimulus package to help affected industries

first_imgTopics : He also asked the government to relax import tax and duties for machinery and raw materials needed to produce protective gear and masks. The government could also push state banks to facilitate low-interest loans to buy machinery and expand the necessary facilities to produce such items.”ASPAKI supports government policies that prioritize domestic needs and develops domestic production to meet needs during the COVID-19 pandemic,” he said.Meanwhile, Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) vice chairman for industrial affairs Johnny Darmawan said on April 1 that the association had put forth stimulus suggestions in March to help low-income families and affected industries, some of which had already materialized.These include electricity discounts rolled out last week. Postpaid customers in the 450 volt-ampere (VA) category will not be charged for electricity for April, May or June while postpaid customers in the 900 VA category will receive a 50 percent discount on their electricity bills over the same three months.He also pointed to several tax breaks for employees and companies as well as aid directed at informal workers and small businesses, among other incentives needed to keep the economy going.”For companies, [incentives] are ways to keep the ball rolling despite cash flow problems, as companies still need to pay salaries and for maintenance,” said Johnny, referring to corporate tax and loan rescheduling policies. The Industry Ministry has reallocated Rp 113.15 billion (US$7.01 million) from its initial budget and is currently proposing a stimulus in a bid to salvage industries that are hardest hit by the COVID-19 outbreak.Industry Minister Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita said in Jakarta on Monday that among the hardest hit industries were the automotive industry, the aviation industry, the electronics industry and the textile industry.”Generally, almost all industrial sectors are affected by COVID-19 and thus need extra attention,” he said during a teleconference meeting with the House of Representatives.center_img Out of the Rp 113.15 billion, Rp 92 billion will be used to aid small and medium enterprises (SMEs) by spurring new entrepreneurship potential, restructuring SMEs’ machinery and equipment, assisting with raw materials and strengthening SME centers in the metal, transportation, machinery and electronics sectors.Meanwhile, the ministry is proposing an additional stimulus that includes a soft loan to help companies’ cash flow, a fixed rate for buying gas from state gas distributor PGN and delayed payments to the Workers Social Security Agency (BPJS Ketenagakerjaan).It will also suggest revisions to waste management that have hampered industries, relaxations of loan payments and interest rates as well as a loan scheme for companies to pay Idul Fitri holiday bonuses (THR). It will also guarantee industries producing and distributing essential goods in a bid to maintain supplies for the public.Asked about what stimulus his industry needed, the Indonesian Association of Medical Device Manufacturers (Aspaki) Division I head overseeing domestic product promotion, Erwin Hermanto, on Tuesday suggested that the government could subsidize raw materials, stabilize the rupiah exchange rate and ensure that transportation, logistics and imports were not disrupted by the government’s partial lockdown measures.last_img read more

US panel wants India on religious freedom blacklist

first_imgTopics : It also highlighted the revocation of the autonomy of Kashmir, which was India’s only Muslim-majority state, and allegations that Delhi police turned a blind eye to mobs who attacked Muslim neighborhoods in February this year.The Indian government, which has long been irritated by the commission’s comments, quickly rejected the report.”Its biased and tendentious comments against India are not new. But on this new occasion, its misrepresentation has reached new levels,” foreign ministry spokesman Anurag Srivastava said.”We regard it as an organization of particular concern and will treat it accordingly,” he said in a statement.The State Department designates nine “countries of particular concern” on religious freedom — China, Eritrea, Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.Pakistan, India’s historic rival, was added by the State Department in 2018 after years of appeals by the commission, which was appalled by attacks on minorities and abuse of blasphemy laws.In its latest report, the commission asked that all nine countries remain on the list. In addition to India, it sought the inclusion of four more — Nigeria, Russia, Syria and Vietnam. A US government panel on Tuesday called for India to be put on a religious freedom blacklist over a “drastic” downturn under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, triggering an sharp rebuttal from New Delhi.The US Commission on International Religious Freedom recommends but does not set policy, and there is virtually no chance the State Department will follow its lead on India, an increasingly close US ally.In an annual report, the bipartisan panel said that India should join the ranks of “countries of particular concern” that would be subject to sanctions if they do not improve their records.center_img “In 2019, religious freedom conditions in India experienced a drastic turn downward, with religious minorities under increasing assault,” the report said.It called on the United States to impose punitive measures, including visa bans, on Indian officials believed responsible and grant funding to civil society groups that monitor hate speech.The commission said that Modi’s Hindu nationalist government, which won a convincing election victory last year, “allowed violence against minorities and their houses of worship to continue with impunity, and also engaged in and tolerated hate speech and incitement to violence.”It pointed to comments by Home Minister Amit Shah, who notoriously referred to mostly Muslim migrants as “termites,” and to a citizenship law that has triggered nationwide protests.last_img read more

€3.2bn Delta Lloyd scheme assessing options following NN acquisition

first_imgSource: WikipediaThe former offices of Delta Lloyd in AmsterdamFollowing the transfer, Delta Lloyd’s 2,766 active participants will accrue pension rights in a less mature pension fund, as the NN CDC scheme has 5,300 workers and just 200 pensioners.This demographic has allowed NN CDC to implement a much more aggressive investment policy, with a return-seeking portfolio worth 40% of its assets. The Delta Lloyd scheme has 24% invested in return-seeking assets.In addition, the Delta Lloyd fund is in a relatively strong position to pay inflation-linked bonuses, whereas NN CDC has limited options for indexation given its lower funding level.Inge de Vries of trade union De Unie acknowledged that the unions had made a concession on pensions during the transition negotiations, but highlighted improvements on pay and labour conditions for former Delta Lloyd staff.The annual report of NN CDC stated that its internal supervisors had urged closer co-operation between NN’s three pension funds, which included the €28bn closed ING Pensioenfonds.NN’s CDC scheme shares services with ING’s CDC scheme. Both schemes were established following the split of original parent company ING into the separate companies ING and NN Group, in 2011.The board of NN CDC said it wanted to continue the co-operation with ING CDC for now as both schemes had significant similarities and were facing the same issues. Theo Krekel, the scheme’s manager, said the pension fund was assessing several options, including joining a general pension fund (APF) or remaining independent with some increased co-operation with NN’s €522m CDC scheme.A third option would be a buyout with an insurer, he said.The board decided against transferring the legacy scheme to the CDC fund as the different funding levels – 126% at Delta Lloyd and 109% at NN CDC – would be an obstacle. The €3.2bn Dutch Pensioenfonds Delta Lloyd is to close following the takeover of its insurance company sponsor by NN Group two years ago.Pensions accrual will continue in NN’s collective defined contribution (CDC) scheme, according to the annual reports of both pension funds.The decision followed the introduction of a new collective labour agreement (CAO), amending labour conditions for staff of NN and former insurer Delta Lloyd.Pensioenfonds Delta Lloyd will close to new entrants from next year. It currently has 13,000 members.last_img read more

Qatar Petroleum Pens 5-Year LPG Supply Deal with China

first_imgQatar Petroleum has signed a sale and purchase agreement to directly supply China with 600,000 metric tons of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) per year for a period of five years.The long-term agreement was inked by Qatar Petroleum for Sale of Petroleum Products Company (QPSPP) and Oriental Energy (Singapore), with the contract scheduled to start in January 2019.“We hope this deal will further enhance our energy relationship with China, as we place greater importance to meeting the needs of the world’s largest growing LPG market,” Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi, President & CEO of Qatar Petroleum, said.Qatar Petroleum announces a 5-year LPG supply agreement with China’s Oriental Energy#QP #QatarPetroleum #Qatar #Energy #China #LPG— Qatar Petroleum (@qatarpetroleum) October 16, 2018“Through this first step, we hope to build a strong and sustainable relationship with Qatar Petroleum and to continue exploring other areas in which Qatar Petroleum and Oriental Energy can further collaborate on,” Yan Jia Sheng, Vice-President of Oriental Energy Group and Managing Director of Oriental Energy (Singapore) International Trading, commented.Oriental Energy (Singapore) is a subsidiary of Oriental Energy which is China’s largest LPG player with the largest LPG distribution network and LPG storage facilities in China. In addition, it has five LPG importing terminals along with several petrochemical facilities.The LPG industry continues to enjoy sustainable growth in China where LPG is used for domestic use and the growing petrochemical sector.The recent agreement comes amid a trade dispute between China and the United States. As Chinese importers of LPG have started to pay higher tariffs for LPG originating from the US, they are looking for alternatives.For Qatar, the trade war could be an opportunity to boost its gas output to China.last_img read more

Bob McCoskrie: A letter to my teen daughters about consent, rape culture and mongrel guys

first_imgStuff 9 April 2017OPINION: You thought you know Family First founder Bob McCoskrie’s conservative views? Then this may surprise you. No more victim-blaming, he says.To my daughters,There’s been a huge public discussion about “consent” and “rape culture”, and the concern that most guys have no respect for you or for your consent. It’s great that we’re having this discussion. The statistics and the stories are disturbing. It seems this culture is everywhere.There are some mongrel guys out there who want to take advantage of you. Some go to Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat and think that in the privacy of social media, they can speak in degrading terms about their sexual prowess and their disrespect for females.They’re feeding their minds with pornography which leads to negative stereotypes of women, the desire for sexual activity at a young age, and increased aggression towards girls. That’s what the research shows, and I bet you can see some of the evidence.And it’s not just the boys at school. The objectification and the narrowing down of you and your friends to just your sexuality is everywhere in your world – online, in the media, in movies, in advertisements. By adults who should know better and who should be protecting you, not exploiting you for financial gain.I can understand the pressure you are under to look skinnier, look prettier, look sexier, and the weight of the message that that is where your value lies. It is unacceptable pressure and I’m sorry and I’m angry you’re having to experience it, and that so few people are connecting the dots between sexualisation in the media, the porn industry, and the sexual aggression of which you could be a victim.But here’s the good news.The overwhelming majority of guys are not like that. They’re not sexually aggressive towards you. When they’re with you and talk to you, they respect all of you.There will be those guys who don’t automatically give you the respect you deserve and don’t offer it when you demand it. If you happen to find one of these guys, lose him. Fast. Don’t even risk it. Don’t think you can change him. If and when he changes, maybe then. But that’s not your job. Your welfare and wellbeing come first.Back in 2014, Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence spoke about some stolen nude photos of her that were published all over the internet. It was a disgraceful act by whoever stole them and then published them. But in justifying why the nude photos were taken of her in the first place, she said: “… either your boyfriend is going to look at porn or he’s going to look at you.”That’s not correct. Not at all. That’s not demanding the respect you deserve – that’s buying into the rape culture we all deplore. Boys and men do not need to look at porn. Those that do need help, not enabling.By suggesting a female needs to provide naked images to her boyfriend, he betrays both her and their relationship. It objectifies the female and reduces her to little more than a sex object designed to satisfy the sexual desires of a male.If it happens to you, don’t feed it. Don’t even provide a snack. You’re more than that. Please know that.Guys who respect themselves and respect others don’t do this.There are guys out there who will respect you. Who will treat you well. Who will see the value of the whole you, not just the sexualised being.As you know from living with me and your brother, males are not perfect. Far from it. And the culture that we live in tries to tell you that you’re only as good as you look, and that your value is to be measured by how much guys appreciate your sexuality.But know this. You are worth so much more than that. I love you and would do everything to protect you. I see your potential. I see your worth in who you are, and not in what you do or how you look. I want the absolute best for you.Set that as your litmus test.I have great confidence that there are many young men who will hold to that same standard.Anything less – and he’s not worth it.Love, Dad. read more

Have African leaders empowered girls and women enough?

first_imgThe African stars who sang the Strong girl anthem. Poverty is not only an African phenomonen but it touches on all corners of the earth. But there are countries that bear the brunt more than others.‘The one Campaign’ is urging world leaders this years to help those most affected by poverty around the world.One campaigns says women and girls need empowerment:”Poverty is sexist, and we won’t end it unless world leaders act now to help girls and women reach their full potential. No matter how you cut it – socially, economically, legally – girls and women in the poorest countries get a raw deal.”The campaign has been trending on social media under the #WithStrongGirls .We take an African angle to it asking as Africa prepares to celebrate the Africa Day on 25th of May an annual commemoration of the 1963 founding of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), presently recognized as the Africa Union (AU), what do women and girls of Africa have to celebrate about? Have African leaders empowered women and girls enough?The African Union, comprised of 53 member states, has brought together the continent of Africa to collectively address the challenges it has faced, such as armed conflict, climate change, and poverty. Have they done their work?The campaign is asking world leaders to act on these issues.:-For the girl denied an education or forced into marriage.-For the mother who risks death when she gives life.-For the farmer prevented from owning the land she works on.All over the world, girls and women are showing their strength and fighting back. They are achieving extraordinary things, despite the barriers they face. But your voice can help turn personal victories into global ones.Have you noticed a difference in your community? Are women and girls standing up for themselves in your community ? Have they achieved a lot or nothing yet?The campaign has joined forces with 9 of Africa’s most talented artists to create a new anthem that celebrates the power of girls and women everywhere to make the call for girls and women empowerment. What is your say?last_img read more

Swiss panel moves closer to impeach AG over world soccer probe

first_img(REUTERS) – SWITZERLAND has moved closer to removing Attorney General Michael Lauber from office after a parliamentary panel launched impeachment proceedings against the top Swiss prosecutor relating to his probe of corruption in world soccer.The judicial committee voted yesterday 13 to 4 to move against Lauber “on suspicion of serious breach of duty”. That is after he answered the panel’s questions about his handling of the investigation of corruption involving soccer body FIFA.Lauber has been accused by anti-corruption campaigners of bungling a fraud trial over payments linked to Germany’s 2006 World Cup, and in March saw his pay cut 8% by an independent watchdog after it found he told falsehoods and violated prosecutors’ codes of conduct.“The judicial committee opens an impeachment hearing when there is reasonable suspicion the accused wilfully or with gross negligence seriously violated his official duties, or otherwise has lost the ability to fulfil them,” Andrea Caroni, the committee chairman, told reporters.If Lauber is found to have committed a breach, the judicial committee will submit a motion to Swiss parliament to vote on his removal, Caroni said, potentially later this year.Lauber, Switzerland’s attorney general since 2012, was questioned yesterday about alleged inappropriate contacts between his office and FIFA, as well as e-mail correspondence concerning FIFA president Gianni Infantino, Caroni said. Infantino is not accused of wrongdoing.Lauber’s office took note of the panel’s decision and said he would carry on with his duties during the upcoming process, saying it would not impact the office’s operations.Lauber, who is appealing the watchdog’s findings against him from earlier this year, is the first Swiss national official to undergo an impeachment process since the foundation of the modern country in 1848.last_img read more

Syracuse to play North Carolina, Virginia on ESPN’s Big Monday

first_img Facebook Twitter Google+ Published on August 11, 2014 at 3:19 pm Contact Jesse: | @dougherty_jesse Syracuse will square off with Atlantic Coast Conference foes North Carolina and Virginia on ESPN’s Big Monday this season, SU Athletics announced in a tweet on Monday afternoon.The UNC game will be at North Carolina on Jan. 26, and the Orange and Cavaliers will match up in the Carrier Dome on March 2. Both games will be played at 7 p.m.The Orange played two Big Monday games last season, on Feb. 3 against Notre Dame and Feb. 24 at Maryland. Both of those games started at 7.Here’s how Syracuse’s schedule looks to date, with conference games in boldExhibition: Carleton (Canada), Nov. 2, TBDExhibition: Adrian, Nov. 10, TBDCalifornia (2K Classic at Madison Square Garden), Nov. 20, 9 p.m.TBD (2K Classic), Nov. 21, TBDLoyola (Md.), Nov. 25, TBDHoly Cross, Nov. 28, TBDAt Michigan (Atlantic Coast Conference-Big Ten Challenge), Dec. 2, TBDSt. John’s, Dec. 6, TBDLouisiana Tech, Dec. 14, TBDAt Villanova (Wells Fargo Center), Dec. 20, TBDLong Beach State, Dec. 28, TBD *At North Carolina, Jan. 26, 7 p.m. on ESPNVirginia, March 2, 7 p.m. on ESPNAdvertisementThis is placeholder text Commentslast_img read more

Former SU basketball player begins role as leader of city’s parks department

first_imgA former Syracuse University basketball player began his new role Monday as commissioner of the city of Syracuse’s parks, recreation and youth programs department.Lazarus Sims, 42, is a former point guard for the SU men’s basketball team. He played from 1992-1996, and in his senior year, Sims led the team to an NCAA title game in 1996 where the Orange lost to Kentucky.As parks commissioner, Sims will oversee a department with 93 full-time employees and more than 200 part-time employees with an annual budget of $8.6 million dollars. Sims himself will be paid a $72,000 annual salary for the position, according to a March 26 article.After college, Sims played a few seasons for the CBA before joining the Harlem Globetrotters in 2002. Later, he was the coordinator of player development for SU from 2007-2008 and 2011-2012, according to the SU Basketball Player Index.In a Time Warner Cable News broadcast, Sims said he is not trying to “reinvent the wheel” when it comes to being in charge of the city’s parks department, but that he thinks parks keep families alive. His goal as commissioner is to get kids off the couch, out of the house and into the parks so they can stay both physically and mentally fit, according to the broadcast.AdvertisementThis is placeholder text“How they build these playgrounds now, they have so much creativity that these kids don’t understand what they have outside,” Sims said in the broadcast. “And then you meet people, you interact with people, you engage, you learn how to communicate with different aspects of different people in life and that teaches you how to, you know, maneuver through different social groups.”As a Syracuse native, Sims grew up playing in Kirk Park, located near West Kennedy Street, and nowadays still visits the park on Sunday mornings. Sims said he is open to the community telling him what they would like to see done with the local parks, according to the broadcast. Comments Facebook Twitter Google+ Published on March 30, 2015 at 3:17 pm Contact Sara: | @saramswannlast_img read more

Bielema hopeful Ball will suit up Saturday

first_imgSenior running back Montee Ball is just 15 touchdowns short of becoming the all-time NCAA leader, but could be inactive for the Badgers when they play Nebraska Saturday.[/media-credit]The Wisconsin football team showed promising signs of improvement in its 37-26 victory over the UTEP Miners Saturday, but the biggest question heading into this weekend’s trip to Nebraska was the health of star running back Montee Ball. Head coach Bret Bielema did not offer a decisive answer to that question at his press conference Monday and said Ball’s status for the Badgers’ first trip to Lincoln, Neb., since 1973 is still uncertain after he suffered concussion-like symptoms early in the second quarter against the Miners. However, Bielema seemed confident Ball will be able to recover in time.“Montee will get evaluated, has the possibility of practicing on Tuesday,” Bielema said. “We’ll see where that goes. Obviously if not, we’ll take it as the week moves forward. I know he’s very encouraging about where it’s at.” The offense put up a season-high 37 points Saturday behind quarterback Joel Stave in his first career start. Although Wisconsin sputtered at times, it was able to move the ball efficiently down the field. Stave completed 12 of 17 passes for 210 yards with one touchdown and an interception. But he will be tackling a much more daunting beast this weekend playing in his first road game in front of a raucous Memorial Stadium crowd. “I purposefully, after a series or during a series, kind of (stood) off to the side and watched Danny O’Brien and Curt Phillips handle Joel,” Bielema said. “I couldn’t be prouder of those two guys, they were doing everything they could to make the game better for Joel.”In Ball’s absence, the running attack managed to develop a steady rhythm behind redshirt freshman running back Melvin Gordon and junior running back James White. Gordon ran the ball eight times for a career-high 112 yards and a touchdown and ranks third in the nation with 13 yards per carry. If the Badgers are without their preseason Heisman candidate, Bielema made it clear he is comfortable using White and Gordon as his primary options on the ground. “Melvin’s a guy that has shown that he can play at this level,” he said. “He’s very smooth in the way he runs, just got to continue to be very guarded about how you’re using him. There was some things he didn’t specifically do mentally-wise that we’ve got to make sure he’s locked into.”Chris Borland was named Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week Monday after recording 12 tackles, 3.5 of them for a loss, two sacks and a pair of pass breakups against the Miners. Bielema said the middle linebacker also shared team defensive MVP honors for the victory with defensive tackle Ethan Hemer.The Wisconsin defense allowed just 77 rushing yards in its final non-conference game and is allowing an average of just over 80 yards per game, good for 13th nationally. Defensive ends David Gilbert, Brendan Kelly and Tyler Dippel are all expected back in practice this week according to Bielema, helping a patchwork defensive line regain stability against the Cornhuskers. At 3-1, No. 22 Nebraska presents a new set of challenges on the offensive end led by dual-threat quarterback Taylor Martinez. Though Martinez threw three interceptions in Wisconsin’s 48-17 drubbing of Nebraska at Camp Randall in 2011, he has shown major growth this season and has just one interception through four games. “If you’re going to grade Martinez on how he’s different, he’s really done a nice job of throwing the ball down the field vertically,” Bielema said.“If he’s got an open hole, he can beat any (defensive back) we got and any linebacker, so that’s a tremendous challenge for us. I think that’s just amplified because of what he’s been able to do on the play-action passes off of it.”Wisconsin must try to slow an explosive Nebraska offensive that outscored Idaho State by 66 points last weekend and is averaging 541 yards of total offense.But after a rocky nonconference season, Bielema challenged his players to rise to the occasion this week as they head into conference play.“I think the challenge for our guys is, where do you want to be?,” he said. “You’ve done a good job of battling yourself back, you’re a 3-1 team, you’re entering conference play where everybody’s 0-0. It’s your opportunity to see exactly where we want to go and how far you’ve come in the past two weeks.”last_img read more