Zidane sentences Bale

first_imgAfter a week of tranquility after having proclaimed champion of the Supercup, the waters became cloudy again in the bosom of Real Madrid. Zinedine Zidane decided not to summon Gareth Bale, absent in the Saudi supercopero tournament suffering from respiratory tract infection, for the match against Sevilla (this Saturday, 4:00 pm, Movistar LaLiga). The Welshman, who had trained all week, falls again from a white call. AS has asked the club and he said that Bale had nothing physical. There is no medical part of Madrid at this time, so everything confirms that it is a purely technical decision. It seems that Zidane has sentenced him. Like Bale, Zidane did not mention Sergio Ramos, James and Mariano. The first is recovering from a sprained ankle, while the last two are also by technical decision.Although the workforce was in Arabia, both Bale and Benzema went to the white facilities to continue their recovery. This week, the Welshman exercised normally. On the club’s website there are images of Welsh these days working normally. Even on Friday morning, in the last session of the week, the white 11 worked at the same pace as the rest of the squad. Now, and before a match like Sevilla, the Welshman will see him again from the box of players. Bet that he will leave before the end of it, as he has been doing throughout this season.It is true that Bale has been counting on minutes throughout the campaign despite not having the love of Zidane. His phrase in Kiev, after the Champions League final against Liverpool (“I need to play every weekend, something that has not happened this season. I was injured 5 weeks and I have not had regularity. Obviously I have to sit down with my representative to speak”), fell like a bomb in the bosom of the board … and Zidane, who felt attacked. Zizou, a formidable group manager who values ​​the group above all the elements, saw its habitat attacked. He ended up leaving for differences with the directive. Upon his return, he assured that they would “change things”, but the Bale case not only does not change. It just keeps spinning. The Welshman (charges 17 million euros, another handicap for possible sale and with contract until 2022) started well, despite the intentions of the preseason technician (“He is negotiating his departure; if he leaves tomorrow, the better”). He left as a starter in Vigo, assisted Benzema in the goal that opened the League for whites, made a double on the third day in Villarreal and … there stopped the Welsh scoring nose, which adds 140 days without seeing the door.Gradually, what seemed like a problem that was being solved gradually, turned 180 degrees. A successful measure of Zidane (he did not summon him for the first meeting of Madrid in the Champions League in the first meeting of the whites in the Bernabéu in this competition against the Bruges to give him rest) left him out of place. He arrived late at the stadium: the game started at 6:55 p.m. and he arrived at 6:59 p.m. (it is true that there was hellish traffic around the stadium on that day). That same month of October he left with his team and returned injured. He did not play in a month and left again with the Welsh team.There and after qualifying to play the final phase of the 2020 Eurocup, he refilled the spotlights after a controversial celebration: Bale jumped happily with a banner that said “Wales. Golf. Madrid. In that order Wales. Golf. Madrid. In that order “), something that unnerved white fans. It is worth mentioning the loud sound he received when he jumped into the field on November 23, in the match that Madrid won against Real Sociedad (3-1).His relationship with the stands is like a roller coaster: after starting listening to applause, the white fans seem to have tired of him because of his continuous gestures: simulating golf shots during training (he even received a stick at the Christmas dinner held by the team at the beginning of December), playing on the bench of Mestalla before jumping to the pitch … the Welshman seems to be absent from everything surrounding the white team. And Zidane, who continues to ensure that he has all the players, has already grown tired of the Welsh attitude (unable, for example, to smile at the delivery of vehicles to the players).last_img read more

With Setién on the bench, there are no parties that are worth

first_imgOnly those who are not called for the Cup match on Wednesday could have a rest day if finally the master considers that they do not have to go in the morning to the Sports City.In any case, the first two weeks of Setién at the head of Barcelona are a true declaration of principles on his way of working: 13 workouts and no holiday. What is popularly said: put the batteries. It is clear that Quique Setién has been motivated to the bench of Barcelona and wanting to do it well. Perhaps excessively motivated will think more than one in there. And is that since the Cantabrian coach took the reins of the team, what The staff has not yet enjoyed a day of rest. In fact, the previous coach, Ernesto Valverde had planned a holiday for Wednesday, January 15, but was recalled by the current coach. And not only that: the day before the team had only one morning training session, but Setien doubled it in two. That is, they not only took a holiday from them but also doubled their work. And to top it all, on the day of the match he also organized a training to work strategy with the ball stopped.For this week there is no holiday in its planning. Evidently when there are two games in the week it seems more difficult to find a place. In any case, this Monday the team exercised at 12 noon in the Ciutat Esportiva – because of the storm the afternoon training in football was canceled -, a session is scheduled for Tuesday at 6 pm, while on Wednesday the team will play against Ibiza in Cup (19 hours). The day after the game there is a training planned at 11 am, while Friday will be at 3.30 pm. On Saturday Barcelona will play in Valencia (16 hours) Y Sunday has a recovery session in the Sports City at 11 am. Monday has also prepared a training At 11 o’clock. LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of January 20, 2020last_img read more

Galletti: “I had a lot of faith in that final; I don’t even know why”

first_imgThe game was played in a rare environment, just six days after the attacks of Atocha on 11-M, in Madrid.I remember. It was a strange week, he threatened not to play it, people were sad about what had happened. In my case, my brother had arrived two days before in Spain and had passed through Atocha. It was strange, maybe that’s why there were no big celebrations either. But I remember the joy it meant for us, how the fans accompanied us from Zaragoza, waking up and seeing the crowded square, singing … It was a beautiful experience.His father, who was also a player, was taken to Boca Juniors by Alfredo di Stéfano.My first official match in Zaragoza was against Madrid (in August 2001), in the Spanish Super Cup. The first leg was in our house (1-1), I remember that I changed the shirt with Raul, without a doubt a reference and an idol for us. And on the way back at the Bernabéu (3-0), after finishing the game, a delegate came to the locker room to tell me they wanted to meet me. When I asked who, he said Di Stefano. And I thought: Alfredo di Stéfano wants to meet me? I could’nt believe it. He remembered how he took my dad to Boca, my father started playing late, with 20 years. They are things that remain forever, that reach your soul. A person like him, who has the respect and affection to come to introduce himself, to greet and send a hug to my father … It was very, very exciting. I was angry at losing the final, but he told me the story just as my father had told me before. It was a great joy.Returning to the game: there is an extension and you appear, with that whip from the front. Do I remember it well, crisp?As soon as I receive the ball, I am clear that I will finish. We knew that ball moved a little if you hit your instep. It was a time when the game was back and forth, there were few minutes left and I had a lot of faith that I was going to make a goal. I don’t even know why, but as soon as I received I had decided that I was going to look for the goal. I hit him, I see how the ball moves, it just entered … It was amazing. At first it seemed that he was going outside, then he made the curve and César did not expect it, he was surprised. I had dreamed it, we had all done it. And it was happening. When the ball came in, imagine what I felt, with all the people shouting, I didn’t even know what to do, I took off my shirt … The joy was immense because the game was very difficult and I was being very disputed. Madrid stalking more, we more looking for the cons. And everyone’s dream was fulfilled.That became known as Galacticide. That Madrid was thrown for all the titles and ended up disfigured, falling in Champions quarters and giving up a League that had won. What does Galletti do today?I am a player representative, I am with Ascacíbar (a midfielder who plays for Hertha in Berlin) and with other players in Argentina. Traveling a lot, always on the side of football, since I have reason I have been related to it. My father was a player, I was a player and I have always been linked to football.Didn’t he call being a technician?Not much, no. I didn’t want routine after so long, I wasn’t interested. While I did the first year of the coach course, I preferred not to continue because I did not want to continue with the life of going to train every day. A friend and I went to representatives and we are very happy, working hard and traveling, traveling the world.What do you remember about that Copa del Rey final in 2004?It seems like yesterday, but many years passed. If you think about it, you can’t believe it. The memories are great, that Zaragoza was a young, talented team, very hungry and several selection players. It was something very important, for all of us and for the club.That was the Galactic Madrid, his favoritism was evident. Did it motivate the locker room that, that Zaragoza be killed before playing?Undoubtedly, Madrid was a favorite, he had all the figures, he was a leader in LaLiga, he didn’t lose a match … But we knew we had a chance, a single match, that we had to make a perfect, or almost perfect, match, and Madrid not so much . We mentalized, the preparation was good, but it is true that we had it very difficult. We made a spectacular game, the level of all players was very regular. And I do not forget how the field was, how he encouraged the fans of Zaragoza, it was impressive how he accompanied us. It was a very big push. As much as we have won titles in other teams, it is a match that, for the quality of the rival, will always remain in our memories.Carlos Mira ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Galletti, at Real Madrid-Zaragoza.Carlos Mira It was an important blow for them, and for us too, we were fighting in the lower area of ​​the table and that triumph returned our confidence, we were able to save ourselves quickly and the next course we played the Super Cup against Valencia, which we also won. A very hungry, young and winning group had formed. They were the last two titles of the club. Very important moments for everyone and that they also threw us, we were young, we had the selection in the head and that strengthened us.That Zaragoza was fighting for the titles, now he is in Second Division.I follow the team quite a bit, this year it is firmer, it feels important. Hopefully it will continue like this until the end of the season to return to Primera because it is a team that, by hobby, by quality of players, must be there. I have a lot of love, hopefully it will be the Zaragoza we all expect.Does that goal open the doors to sign a year later for Atlético?We talked with Atleti in the summer of 2004, but we decided, for how the team and I were, to continue another year. But without a doubt that goal and that victory against Madrid accelerated everything a bit, also for the people. I received a lot of messages from Atlético fans telling me to go, to play there. In 2005 I already felt mature to make the leap, it was important for my career.How do you remember that passage through the Calderón?The team was being assembled, Bianchi arrived on the bench and I had the illusion of playing because I was the World Cup the following year. I had a pubalgia, I was until December playing almost nothing. Then I started to play something else, but I had no chance to go to the World Cup, I had lost six months. The following year, with Aguirre on the bench, I felt better and played a lot. But I did not feel the player who had been in Zaragoza and when the opportunity came to go to Olympiacos, to play Champions with a team that was putting together very well, I made the decision. It was a change in my career.He met three coaches in two years at Atleti, the first year just finished tenth and the second, seventh. Are you surprised to see the jump made by the club with Simeone?That was a very unstable Atleti, it didn’t go well for us. The first year was difficult, more in a large team. I already knew that Cholo, because he had already demonstrated it in Estudiantes de La Plata, is a very hardworking person, he organizes not only the costumes, but also the club. I knew that with his help the Atleti was going to make a great quality leap, now it’s another team and it fills me with pride. I follow all my exequipos, I want them to always win, more for Cholo, with whom I shared a match in the national team.In his second year at Atleti he met Agüero, with whom he joins a good friendship.I just was with him in Manchester. He is an incredible person, very humble, he maintains that humility with which he came very small to Atlético. You could tell what conditions he had, as a young man. I needed to adapt, I was young. I was convinced that, where I played, I was going to take a magnificent level. In Atleti he played very well, in Manchester he has finished training and in the Argentine national team he has been a star. He is demonstrating everything he hinted as a young man.He leaves Atleti and leaves for Greece, where his game was most stable.They were impressive years for me, I have a beautiful memory for how people treated me, for how I gave up, for the team that assembled, for the titles won … They were three spectacular years, I found the football that I wanted and with the love of the people, they adopted me and until I had kidney problems, I was being my best year, the most regular.He had kidney failure (the result of a bacterium that had entered his body more than a decade earlier, on a trip to Mexico) and was stopped for three years, his father’s kidney was transplanted and he was afraid he would not play again. Are those six games that you could enjoy with the Crete OFI your biggest success, after all that had happened to you?Yes, the disease surprised me when I was better, I was happy and had renewed four more years of contract. It was a very hard blow, but I am quite strong in the head and I overcame it, with the help of family and friends. I wanted to play at least one more game, retire on a court. Greece reappeared, two or three teams called me and in Crete I was going to play a couple of games, but when I did I felt very good and decided to continue. Until the day we visited the Olympiakos court, there were my family and my friends. They received me in a spectacular way and I felt it was the perfect ending. It was a very nice closing, I needed to end up like this. I felt later that I no longer wanted to play, I haven’t missed him. It was the best thing that could happen to me, because I didn’t feel it before.A forecast for tonight’s game?Uff … I wish Zaragoza wins, I hope it’s a good game and that people enjoy. And if you can win the team for a mood boost, the better.And the weekend, the derby.I will see it too. That I won the Atleti and see if that is how the team gets up.last_img read more

A cyclone called Linares

first_imgThe first two rounds had something in common: they traced back home the disadvantage of the first leg. The victims were Tenerife B and Moralo, leaving La Nucía as the final rival in the final by Segunda B. The Municipal of Linarejos left everything open for the return, with the plus of not having regretted any visiting goal. In the decisive one, Bolo advanced to Linares, who would suffer his modus operandi in the two previous phases. Torres put the boards in 71 ‘and San Julian gave his glory to the horn. A major disappointment, which, of course, has failed to sink the Andalusians.22 to 20 teamsOne of the most news of the Third Division last season was the massive decline of Group IX after the failure of the Andalusians of Second B and the Federation remained firm in its idea of ​​reducing the supranumerary group from 22 to 20 teams. In this way and despite the claims of those involved, the burden was reduced by four parties. Something that, no doubt, help the four clubs for the Playoff, as they will arrive on equal terms towards his rivals of the other groups and not with 360 minutes more under his legs and the need to play several games per week to meet the calendar.Near the machada in Copa del ReyThe RFEF gave this year the opportunity for Third Clubs to measure themselves from the first round with a First or Second Division. The chance of the balls meant that the rival of Linares was Girona and the heroic was not exactly far. Lara ahead of the locals in Linarejos, but Marc Gual, now Real Madrid Castilla striker, was responsible for breaking down the dreams of Juan Arsenal’s team. Even so, the balance of the competition was positive and the place for next season is practically guaranteed. So it will be as long as it does not fall from the first place.The results now support a team with ten years of history, after he had to be reborn in 2009, beginning his career in the First Provincial. Soon they responded on the grass, reaching Third in 2012-13. Of course, the fourth category of Spanish football has punished Linares on numerous occasions, which he achieved a heroic rise in 15-16, but was not able to maintain the category. Who knows if your current career will take you back to the best. Surely, it is the objective. It’s more, its president Jesús Medina chatted with AS and prioritized promotion before playing the Cup semifinals. He also defined the club he runs as a “family”, focused on “work” and always walks hand in hand with his fans.If these lines have not served to understand what is the Linares in the grass, the same president explains: “The game system is variable, the coach likes to change a lot, even on different occasions throughout a match. Sometimes we go out with a line of three, sometimes with four behind … We are changing, but we like to have the ball. Maybe last season more, but in this we still have it. Sometimes we wait for the rival and go out with fast transitions“It works and is already on its way to Second B. The fate of the ball will say, but the course is almost unbeatable. The Third Division of Spanish football is a battle without quarter that faces the 18 groups to the major challenge of making the leap to professionalism. For this reason, and despite the budgetary differences between the clubs, until the last day there is usually a fierce struggle to occupy the Playoff positions and, above all, to reach the first position, which gives an unpayable opportunity: to have a double option in the qualifiers for promotion. Moreover, in most tables there is still competition. The same does not happen in Group IX where there is an undisputed leader. Or, rather, a cyclone called Linares.The Andalusian team has, nothing more and nothing less, 17 points ahead of the second classified. In the absence of 14 days, it is evidence that will dispute the direct tie for the promotion against another of the leaders, although from the club they remain cautious. 24 meetings later, the Linares records are almost perfect: suma 65 in the locker, 21 wins, 2 draws, only 1 loss, 54 goals in favor (2.25 per game), 13 against! (0.54 per duel) and a margin of 24 points from the fifth classified. In other words, only a miracle will take them away from the postseason. The data is even more striking if they are broken down. Juan Arsenal gave wings to his players from day one. So much so that they added a whopping eight consecutive start victories. That’s when The Ejido, currently ranked second, managed to overthrow them. That happened on October 20 and, since then, the fans have not gone home with the disappointment of defeat. Two draws as a visitor also represent a small stain on his impolite curriculum. Merit, of course, given the conditions of the fields, the hardness of the category and the mental strength not to decline despite the capital advantage that it has.Debt with the LinaresLast season Linares was one of the best teams in the entire category with a total of 90 points. This course is on the way to adding a similar figure, despite the fact that Group IX has two less teams. Even so, he suffered a chronic evil: the presence of Real Jaén. It is not usual to see someone reach the three figures in the classification, but the jienenses succeeded. 101 points endorsed them in the face of the Playoffs, but the disappointment was capitalized. This year they continue the rivalry, although with a notable difference of score. Despite being able to eliminate Alavés from the Copa del Rey, Jaén is experiencing a bad year at the sports level (fifth of the group) and, especially at the institutional level, since they are on the verge of disappearance.The Playoff, a mousetrapDespite the good performance of Linares Deportivo last season, the fact that Jaén was a colossus deprived him of having a double option. So, had to face three qualifiers to ascend to Second Division B. Despite so many months of success, the Playoff does not forgive and a ruling can condemn you to media ostracism one more campaign. However, the work of the team was not disappointing at all and remained at the gates of celebrating the change of category.last_img read more

Casillas clarifies the registration of his house in the raid of Portugal

first_imgThis morning there has been a macro-raid in Portugal, in order to combat tax fraud and money laundering in Portuguese football. Among all those investigated, one of them was Iker Casillas, who issued a statement on his social networks: “This morning the Portuguese Prosecutor’s Office has come to my home in Porto, as it has gone to another 76 homes of sports societies, players and clubs , to ask me for documentation. I have made myself available to you. TRANSPARENCY is one of my principles“. This morning the Portuguese Prosecutor’s Office has come to my home in Porto, as it has gone to another 76 homes of sports societies, players and clubs, to ask me for documentation. I have put myself at your disposal. TRANSPARENCY is one of my principles.– Iker Casillas (@IkerCasillas) March 4, 2020Thus, the candidate for the presidency of the Royal Spanish Football Federation has confirmed that he is one of those investigated, although he is not worried and makes himself available to justice so that the diligence comes to fruition. The operation, called “Out of Game”, investigates “professional football business from 2015”, which allegedly involved “actions aimed at preventing the payment of tax benefits due to the Portuguese State”. In addition to Casillas, the institutions have registered facilities of Benfica, Porto, Sporting de Portugal or Sporting de Braga, the domiciles of the representative Jorge Mendes, or of players like Jackson Martínez or Danilo.Official statement from Iker CasillasThe exporter first issued an explanatory tweet and then an official statement: “The Portuguese Public Prosecutor’s Office registered the Iker Casillas address in Porto early this morning. This registration was produced in the framework of an operation that, according to news reports, has also registered 76 clubs, sports corporations, leaders, agents, lawyers and footballers, in an investigation for alleged tax fraud and money laundering in player transfers.At the request of the Portuguese Prosecutor, Iker Casillas being in Madrid at that time, has been made available to the judicial authorities, collaborating with them at all times and providing all the documentation requested.Iker Casillas states that he is “absolutely calm” regarding the investigations and that he has “full confidence” in the Portuguese Justice.Iker expresses his desire that “transparency reaches each and every corner of football.” “That is – the player affirms – one of the main reasons why I have decided to present myself to the Presidency of the Spanish Football Federation.”last_img read more

Stick of the Basque Government to the coronavirus tests carried out by Alavés and Baskonia

first_imgWell, with this context, about 100 professionals from the Baskonia Group -Players, coaches, assistants or employees of Alavés and the basketball team- were subjected to tests. The club paid for a private service and, at the Mendizorroza and Buesa infirmaries respectively, they passed the controls. Osasuna has today declined the option of carrying them out in Pamplona. Also is true that Alavés announced last Saturday two positive cases in the technical-sports structure and that raised the alarms. It also didn’t help much that Mendizorroza’s last visitor was Valencia, one of the most affected clubs.The Basque Government Health Minister, Nekane Murga, has been blunt when questioned in this regard. “I think they have not made a rational use of health resources“He commented. In the current context, with a scenario of widespread sustained community transmission, the new protocol is very restrictive and obviously does not include asymptomatic youth.As for the delivery of medical supplies by both clubs to the Txagorritxu hospital, it must be agreed that “all natural or legal persons are obliged, within 48 hours, to deliver to the health authorities masks, gels, PCR tests or rapid detection devices in addition to other materials” It was an order from the Ministry of Health on Sunday night. Compulsory, not voluntary.On the other hand, Both Baskonia and Alavés announced yesterday that they will pay tribute to public health in the first two official matches of both squads with a message on the shirts (front and back) that will remember “OSI Araba”, an entity that brings together the hospitals and outpatient clinics of the province. Alavés and Baskonia, obviously, hardly ever visit public hospitals. They have their mutual, their private centers (San José Polyclinic) and they have the advice of the most experienced physicians in sports injuries such as the famous traumatologist Mikel Sanchez, Rafael Nadal’s doctor, Mikel Landa or the King Emeritus among other athletes. Deportivo Alavés football and Baskonia basketball passed medical tests for the coronavirus yesterday in a territory totally plagued by the pandemic. The official figures are far from reality because there are thousands of citizens going through hardships at home with the uncertainty of whether they have the virus or not. And light cases are no longer tested (that is, more or less 80% of the total number).Communicating with the ambulatory is science fiction, there have been people who have spent almost two hours listening to the violins of the piped music on 900 203 050 (for Álava it is no longer operational) and common sense leads people from Vitoria not to go to the ER due to saturation and to make room for cases related to the elderly or groups at risk.last_img read more

Mouratoglou: “Tennis has one of the highest levels of inequality in sport”

first_imgThe suspension of the tennis season on the ITF, ATP and WTA circuits attributable to the coronavirus has left us some massive affected in skilled tennis: these gamers who’ve a really low rating and have hardly any sponsors and that they’ve the financial prizes of the tournaments as a approach of incomes a residing.The mediaman Patrick Mouratoglou, one of the most prestigious coaches on the circuit and present mentor of Serena Williams, needed to point out his solidarity and help for these gamers with a letter he posted on social media. “Pricey tennis group. Our sport is implausible. Nonetheless, the problem we face solely reveals the shortcomings it has. Gamers exterior the Prime-100 can barely cowl their losses, and lots of of them finance their careers by taking part in skilled tennis. Their lives are an financial wrestle. In contrast to soccer and basketball gamers, tennis gamers don’t have a set annual wage. They’ve unbiased contracts, their journeys are paid, they must pay their coaches whereas their wage is determined by the events they win. It’s a system based mostly on meritocracy that appears good to me. 100% of high gamers deserve their revenue. Nonetheless, I discover it disgusting that aside from the 100 greatest gamers in one of the hottest sports activities in the world and that near 1 billion individuals observe, the relaxation are barely in a position to make a residing from it. For the Prime-10 Tim Mayotte, ‘You might have received $ 200,000 in prizes and helps to earn a lifetime wage. For the present 225 in the world, Noah Rubin, ‘for somebody who’s out of the Prime-50 or Prime-100, he doesn’t have many sponsors off the observe and in case your work is minor, you may’t reside on it. When you don’t work, they don’t pay you. ‘” Mouratoglou regretted that this case has occurred for therefore a few years on the circuit and criticizes the inequality that exists in tennis and that has precipitated many tennis gamers to hold up their rackets. “So what about the gamers who’re out of work for an indefinite interval of time? Nicely, they’ll’t be paid. Some of them are giving their all for his or her goals and attempting to forge a profession. This has been the state of affairs for a very long time. Though we’ve got eradicated male supremacy in the monetary area, tennis nonetheless has one of the highest levels of inequality in any sport. The factor is, tennis wants these gamers to outlive. Tennis can not reside solely on the elite. The circuit would deteriorate. Final yr’s ITF reform, which was fortunately canceled months after it was handed, made the state of affairs for non-Prime-100 gamers unsustainable. Many of them determined to stop tennis as a result of that they had no different alternative. “Because of this Mouratoglou helps a gathering between the ITF, the ATP, the WTA and the Grand Slam to assist these gamers who can not earn a residing proper now due to their sport as there isn’t any competitors. “We’re at present dealing with a brand new problem. Since the circuit is stopped for causes everyone knows, these gamers don’t have any revenue and aside from the Prime-100 gamers, the relaxation don’t have any cash on them or sponsors to reside with. It’s time to take into consideration these gamers and assist them, first in the fast future after which in the long run. Because of this I wish to see the ATP, the WTA, the ITF and the Grand Slam sitting collectively to attempt to discover a sustainable answer. We rely on these establishments, which have the energy to guard the financial system and social duty of tennis. I would really like these establishments to say ENOUGH. We will’t depart any of the low-ranking gamers behind. It will not be honest. Tennis wants a change. Use this free time to start out discussing it. “last_img read more

A month without Atlético

first_imgThe next day, with the team already at home, LaLiga decided to suspend the competition. Then it was “at least the next two weeks”. The first step at Atlético was to give free until Monday, urging that the players not leave home more than necessary. The next thing was stop workouts sine die. Each footballer at home with a rigorous teleworking plan. This is how they have been for four weeks, like many other workers in Spain and around the world.A month without Atlético matches It is not something so strange, because it is what happens every season finale. So it gets along better, not only because it is planned and assumed, but because lack of football in rojiblanco is supplemented by national team matches where many of them participate and, on the other hand, the transfer activity: some leave, others arrive and excite. And before you know it, the preseason has started in Cerro and Los Ángeles de San Rafael.This time it was a dry interruption, right after the team’s big rush of the year and before an exciting spring. In the quarterfinals of the Champions League and sixth in the League, the closest thing to Atlético’s football is to see great nights from the past and what the club and players can see through social networks. Worse still, the red and white news has been marked in recent weeks by the losses of people very loved by the entity and by the fans: Miguel Peiró, José Luis Capón, Radomir Antic, Miguel Jones and the little Christian Minchola, player of the Infantil. The return of the ball will also be remembered by them. Time passes strangely during this confinement, but Liverpool-Atlético, the great joy of the course for the rojiblancos, is already one month old. The last sports memory of those of Cholo (and the last elite football match of a spanish team) that gave way to a abrupt closure of activity from the team and practically the entire club. A month without Atleti … and what remains.On March 11, so close and yet so far away, the rojiblancos — that night in black— they broke the odds and eliminated Liverpool, champion and favorite, beating him in his own home to the joy of the almost 3,000 mattresses who accompanied them at Anfield. By then, the pandemic crisis was starting to escalate, Games were already being suspended all over Europe, some were played behind closed doors. Every day the plan was more rigorous than the previous one in all of society.last_img read more