Mallard’s Team of the Week — Glacier Gym Club

first_imgMallard’s Source for sports staff applaud the dedication of the Glacier youth with Team of the Week honors.Mallard’s would like to spotlight the entire Glacier Club, but the membership is too large for a team photo. So Mallard’s staff has select a group of young, up-and-coming gymnasts in the Team of the Week honour — Ava Anast, Shelbi Van Hellemond, Neve Hamilton, Ally Nicholson and Eden Bellman.The complete list of results are listed below:Results from the Key City Invitational in Cranbrook Girls Provincial Level 1 (9 years old) Alexa Anast- Silver on Beam, Bronze on Floor (10 years old) Brynn McTague – Gold on Floor  (11 years old) Elisa Clark – Gold All Around, Gold on Beam, Gold on Floor (12-13 years old) Sarah Quinn – Best Beam ChoreographyGirls Provincial Level 2 (12-13 years) Sara Tolles – Gold on Floor, Silver on Vault and Beam, Bronze All Around and on Bars. (14-and-up)  Hailey Lothrop – Gold All Around and on Bars and Floor, Silver on Vault and Beam Meagan Poetsch – Silver on Beam, Bronze All Around and on Floor Girls Provincial Level 3 (All Ages)   Kylee Dyck – Gold All Around and on Beam, Silver on Floor, Bronze on Bars     Ella Keelan – Gold on Bars and Floor, Bronze All Around     Victoria Lawrence-Jeffery – Silver on BeamGirls High School Level 1 Nieve Harris – Gold All Around and on Vault and Bars, Silver on Beam Heather Potkins – Silver All Around and on Vault and Bars, Bronze on Floor Taila Lancaster – Gold on Beam and Floor, Silver on Bars, Bronze All Around Erika Bennett – Gold on Floor Peyton Whitaker – Bronze on Vault and BeamGirls High School Level 2 Emma Willow – Gold All Around, Silver on Beam, Bronze on Bars Samantha Garbula –  Gold on Vault and Floor, Silver All Around, Bronze on Beam Kano Major – Gold on Bars, Bronze All Around and on Floor Maya Bennett – Silver on Floor, Bronze on Vault Katie Poetsch – Gold on Beam, Silver on VaultGirls High School Level 3 Julie Poetsch – Gold All Around and on Vault and Floor, Silver on Bars and Beam Casmin McCatty – Gold on Beam and Floor, Silver All Around, Bronze on Vault and Bars Chultim O’Neill – Gold on Bars, Silver on Vault, Bronze All Around and on Beam and Floor Surrey Invitational Boys EventBoys Level 1 Cameron Bibby-Fox – Gold on Vault and Horizontal Bar, Silver All Around Sam Kitch – Silver on Floor and Rings, Bronze All Around Boys Level 3 (Under 13 years) Chris Lawrence-Jeffery – 4th on Horizontal Bar River Murphy – 4th on Vault, 5th on Horizontal Bar Matthew Bullen – 9th on Horizontal Bar More than 40 Glacier gymnasts were in action recently at two competitions in Cranbrook and Surrey.Thirty-plus, including a squad of girls in the Level 1 division, athletes returned from the Key City meet in Cranbrook while five boys were in Surrey.last_img read more

A cyclone called Linares

first_imgThe first two rounds had something in common: they traced back home the disadvantage of the first leg. The victims were Tenerife B and Moralo, leaving La Nucía as the final rival in the final by Segunda B. The Municipal of Linarejos left everything open for the return, with the plus of not having regretted any visiting goal. In the decisive one, Bolo advanced to Linares, who would suffer his modus operandi in the two previous phases. Torres put the boards in 71 ‘and San Julian gave his glory to the horn. A major disappointment, which, of course, has failed to sink the Andalusians.22 to 20 teamsOne of the most news of the Third Division last season was the massive decline of Group IX after the failure of the Andalusians of Second B and the Federation remained firm in its idea of ​​reducing the supranumerary group from 22 to 20 teams. In this way and despite the claims of those involved, the burden was reduced by four parties. Something that, no doubt, help the four clubs for the Playoff, as they will arrive on equal terms towards his rivals of the other groups and not with 360 minutes more under his legs and the need to play several games per week to meet the calendar.Near the machada in Copa del ReyThe RFEF gave this year the opportunity for Third Clubs to measure themselves from the first round with a First or Second Division. The chance of the balls meant that the rival of Linares was Girona and the heroic was not exactly far. Lara ahead of the locals in Linarejos, but Marc Gual, now Real Madrid Castilla striker, was responsible for breaking down the dreams of Juan Arsenal’s team. Even so, the balance of the competition was positive and the place for next season is practically guaranteed. So it will be as long as it does not fall from the first place.The results now support a team with ten years of history, after he had to be reborn in 2009, beginning his career in the First Provincial. Soon they responded on the grass, reaching Third in 2012-13. Of course, the fourth category of Spanish football has punished Linares on numerous occasions, which he achieved a heroic rise in 15-16, but was not able to maintain the category. Who knows if your current career will take you back to the best. Surely, it is the objective. It’s more, its president Jesús Medina chatted with AS and prioritized promotion before playing the Cup semifinals. He also defined the club he runs as a “family”, focused on “work” and always walks hand in hand with his fans.If these lines have not served to understand what is the Linares in the grass, the same president explains: “The game system is variable, the coach likes to change a lot, even on different occasions throughout a match. Sometimes we go out with a line of three, sometimes with four behind … We are changing, but we like to have the ball. Maybe last season more, but in this we still have it. Sometimes we wait for the rival and go out with fast transitions“It works and is already on its way to Second B. The fate of the ball will say, but the course is almost unbeatable. The Third Division of Spanish football is a battle without quarter that faces the 18 groups to the major challenge of making the leap to professionalism. For this reason, and despite the budgetary differences between the clubs, until the last day there is usually a fierce struggle to occupy the Playoff positions and, above all, to reach the first position, which gives an unpayable opportunity: to have a double option in the qualifiers for promotion. Moreover, in most tables there is still competition. The same does not happen in Group IX where there is an undisputed leader. Or, rather, a cyclone called Linares.The Andalusian team has, nothing more and nothing less, 17 points ahead of the second classified. In the absence of 14 days, it is evidence that will dispute the direct tie for the promotion against another of the leaders, although from the club they remain cautious. 24 meetings later, the Linares records are almost perfect: suma 65 in the locker, 21 wins, 2 draws, only 1 loss, 54 goals in favor (2.25 per game), 13 against! (0.54 per duel) and a margin of 24 points from the fifth classified. In other words, only a miracle will take them away from the postseason. The data is even more striking if they are broken down. Juan Arsenal gave wings to his players from day one. So much so that they added a whopping eight consecutive start victories. That’s when The Ejido, currently ranked second, managed to overthrow them. That happened on October 20 and, since then, the fans have not gone home with the disappointment of defeat. Two draws as a visitor also represent a small stain on his impolite curriculum. Merit, of course, given the conditions of the fields, the hardness of the category and the mental strength not to decline despite the capital advantage that it has.Debt with the LinaresLast season Linares was one of the best teams in the entire category with a total of 90 points. This course is on the way to adding a similar figure, despite the fact that Group IX has two less teams. Even so, he suffered a chronic evil: the presence of Real Jaén. It is not usual to see someone reach the three figures in the classification, but the jienenses succeeded. 101 points endorsed them in the face of the Playoffs, but the disappointment was capitalized. This year they continue the rivalry, although with a notable difference of score. Despite being able to eliminate Alavés from the Copa del Rey, Jaén is experiencing a bad year at the sports level (fifth of the group) and, especially at the institutional level, since they are on the verge of disappearance.The Playoff, a mousetrapDespite the good performance of Linares Deportivo last season, the fact that Jaén was a colossus deprived him of having a double option. So, had to face three qualifiers to ascend to Second Division B. Despite so many months of success, the Playoff does not forgive and a ruling can condemn you to media ostracism one more campaign. However, the work of the team was not disappointing at all and remained at the gates of celebrating the change of category.last_img read more

Henry Costa Is Released; Now Reopen the National Chronicle!

first_imgWho is it that seems determined to spoil Ellen’s name and further vandalize her legacy?  Is it the Liberia National Police? Is it the National Security Agency and its head, who is the President’s own son, Fumba?  Who is it determined to deflate one of the last remaining good things about this administration—freedom of speech and freedom of the press? Whoever it is that intends to turn Liberia into a police state may have been a small boy during the Samuel Doe or Charles Taylor days, when freedom of speech or of the press, was nonexistent.  But where are they now—Doe and Taylor?  All of those who think they have power and are using it to mistreat, incarcerate and humiliate other people should  realize and know that the time  will soon come when that power will end, for NOTHING lasts forever. It has long been alleged that the NSA has been jamming the Costa Morning Show every day.   This is an attempt to stifle freedom of speech and of the press, two constitutional rights which President Sirleaf has, to her enduring credit, striven to uphold, protect and defend.But does the President know what has been happening to the Costa Show?  If she does, what has she done about it?  Does she not know that such behavior is a blatant attempt to undermine her legacy?  For Liberians and the whole world know that Ellen is a staunch defender of freedom of speech and of the press.  She has personally stated that she will take no reprisal against those who lambast her on the radio or TV talk shows or in any other medium. Liberians and the world have admired and appreciated her for that.So what is the LNP or the NSA trying to prove?  It is a pity they do not realize that they are accomplishing three things only: first, making Mr. Costa a greater hero than he already is; second, undermining a critical part of President Sirleaf’s legacy—her defense of free speech and free press; and thirdly, exposing Liberia and its government to  international criticism and ridicule, especially from those organizations that are particularly watching—the Press Union of Liberia, the International Press Institute (IPI), the World Press Freedom Committee (WPFC), Reporters Without Borders, etc.Is it true that the NSA has been jamming Mr. Costa’s station? Why?  What does Fumba Sirleaf perceive that the Ellen government has to hide and does not want the public to know or talk about?  That alone is a terrible indictment on the government.  Fumba Sirelaf should know this, or is he too inexperienced to know it?If indeed he is that inexperienced, we hope that this editorial will help him to understand that such behavior DOES NOT PAY.  Remember, the President is striving to leave a respectable legacy—that was what the Cabinet Retreat last week was all about.  Fumba Sirleaf himself, and ALL other government   officials, should also know that they, too, should be concerned about their own legacies—how they wish to be remembered.We commend the government for releasing Mr. Costa yesterday afternoon. But we pray that the GOl will give strict instructions to the NSA or whoever may be jamming his radio station to stop this nefarious and unconstitutional practice.We could not end this editorial without calling on the President to reopen the National Chronicle newspaper.  We are afraid that the GOL can no longer take Mr. Philibert Browne and his newspaper to court, for whatever offense GOL perceives the National Chronicle may have committed.  Why? Because GOL has already taken action before due process of law. We recall, in this connection, what  Associate Justice Emmanuel Koroma stated in his 1984 verdict against the Liberian government in the case, Republic of Liberia Vs. the Daily Observer Newspaper, when the Samuel Doe government closed down the newspaper, then proceeded to sue it on a “quo warranto” charge. Courageously dismissing the case, Mr. Justice Koroma told the government, “When you come to equity, you must come with clean hands.”  The government’s hands were not clean, he said, because it first took the law into its own   hands by closing down the newspaper before seeking remedy from the court.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Keith Conway named A Division Best Cop 2018

first_imgThe Guyana Police Force’s A Division (Georgetown-East Bank Demerara) on Friday named Sergeant Keith Conway as the most outstanding Policeman for 2018 for his exceptional performance. Sergeant Gavin Boyce was given the second place for 2018. The announcement was made during the Division’s annual awards ceremony in the presence of the Police Commissioner Leslie James, Prisons Director Gladwin Samuels, commanders, other ranks and stakeholders.In response to the award, Sergeant Conway explained that he worked mainly in the area of crime, solving some high-profile murder cases for this year. Hailing from the Ancient County of Berbice, the Sergeant said he was elated at this gesture.“As the Best Cop, it is one of the greatest feelings of my life. I’ve worked hard. I was very disciplined and dedicated. I was very consistent with my work. ComingAssistant Commissioner Clifton Hicken serving the junior ranks at ‘A’ Division’s second annual Christmas luncheon and award ceremonyfrom Berbice to Georgetown and to accomplish the best performer of the year is a great accomplishment for me.”Assuring a continued outstanding performance in 2019, the evidently proud officer thanked his fellow colleagues from the division for their support.Meanwhile, alongside him was, Sergeant Gavin Boyce, who explained that while there were setbacks in their line of duty, dedication to the job is always important and can guarantee consistency.“It feels good and it’s good to see another Sergeant rise to the occasion so it shows that there are other persons striving to be a Best Cop every year.”He acknowledged the youths and urged officers to pay attention to the younger generation, and alerting them of the consequences if they find themselves on the other side of the law.“You got to be a role model for the ranks and you got to be disciplined. I like to interact with the public, especially youths that people condemning, get them involved in sports. I let them know that we the Police don’t have nothing against you. We have something against you when you are involved in criminal activities,” said Boyce.Both officers were rewarded with cash and other consolation prizes. During that time, eight other ranks were also promoted from the Division.Divisional Commander Marlon Chapman also shared some remarks, stating that he is pleased with the performance of all officers during the course of 2018, since high-profile offenders were arrested for various criminal offences. They also managed to dismantle the carjacking ring and bank robbers which were prominent at one period.“Notably, the Division has had significant successes in terms of arresting and prosecuting high-profile offenders involved in homicides, gun and other categories of robberies and home invasion. Also, the dismantling of the famous carjacking ring and the dangerous criminal group that was responsible for targeting customers leaving central banks,” the Divisional Commander informed.He noted that officers have managed to keep Georgetown and its environs under control during the Christmas season and parliamentary sessions.last_img read more

Winners crowned in three divisions at Fort St. John Ladies Bonspiel

first_imgFemale curlers from Fort St. John and near by communities were at the Fort St. John Curling Club over the weekend. By the time all the rocks were thrown winners were crowned in three events.Fort St. John’s Cheryl Batten took home the win in the A event. Over on the B side Elaine Muceniuk of Valleyview was crowned the winner, and Tara Forest of Fort St. John was the last one standing over in the C event.Curling will continue this weekend as the Fort St. John Curling Club hosts the Government Bonspiel.- Advertisement –last_img read more

Falcao-less Monaco bid to put pressure on PSG

first_imgColombian Falcao has been in stunning form so far this season, scoring 12 goals in just eight league outings, but his midweek efforts in helping his country qualify for next year’s World Cup have ruled him out of Friday’s game.“He played last night, then there are the different trips (to get back to Monaco),” Jardim said on Wednesday.“To try to play against Lyon could kill him. He will not play. In fact, his physical condition doesn’t allow him to play two matches in 48 hours.”Falcao will play in the World Cup finals for the first time in Russia, after setting up James Rodriguez’s goal as Colombia booked their place with a 1-1 draw in Peru.Angers’ Thomas Mangani (C) fights for the ball with Lyon’s top scorer Nabil Fekir (R) and Lucas Tousart during their French Ligue 1 match, at the Raymond-Kopa stadium in Angers, on October 1, 2017 © AFP/File / JEAN-FRANCOIS MONIER“He deserves to play in a World Cup, he is a great player of a very high quality,” added Jardim.“I congratulated him for the qualification, but my management of Falcao won’t change. I’ll do everything I can to keep him at his best.”Despite Falcao’s early goal, Monaco were far from their best in their last league match against Montpellier and will have to bounce back with Argentinian Guido Carrillo likely to start up front.Lyon have started to struggle in recent weeks after a bright start to the season and are winless in their last three matches, including back-to-back 3-3 draws against Angers and Dijon.Bruno Genesio’s men will be without centre-back Marcelo, after the Brazilian’s bizarre sending off against Angers, when he was given a straight red card for accidentally knocking a yellow card out of the referee’s hand.– PSG brimming with confidence –PSG pay a visit to lowly Dijon on Saturday with key forwards Kylian Mbappe and Edinson Cavani boosted after helping their countries qualify for the World Cup in midweek.Paris Saint-Germain’s Edinson Cavani (L), Kylian Mbappe (R) and Thomas Meunier celebrate after Meunier scored a goal during their French Ligue 1 match against Bordeaux, at the Parc des Princes stadium in Paris, on September 30, 2017 © AFP/File / CHRISTOPHE SIMONWorld-record signing Neymar failed to score in Brazil’s final two World Cup qualifiers, so he will be desperate to terrorise a Dijon defence which has already shipped 17 goals in Ligue 1 this term.Mbappe came off the bench as France confirmed their place in Russia with a 2-1 win over Belarus, while Cavani scored as Uruguay sealed second in South American qualifying, behind Brazil, by beating Bolivia 4-2.Unai Emery’s side may have half an eye on Wednesday’s Champions League game against Anderlecht in Brussels, but should have more than enough to continue their unbeaten start to the season in all competitions.The capital-city club are brimming with confidence after a stunning start to the campaign, which they continued by thrashing Bordeaux 6-2 a fortnight ago.But centre-back Thiago Silva is likely to miss the matches at Dijon and Anderlecht after suffering a thigh muscle injury while on Brazil duty.Under-fire Lille coach Marcelo Bielsa sees his team host Troyes as they continue their search for a first win since the opening weekend, after their last match at Amiens was abandoned when a stadium barrier collapsed, injuring 29 people.On Sunday, Claudio Ranieri’s Nantes defend a seven-game unbeaten run at Bordeaux, while third-placed Marseille bid for a fourth straight win against newly-promoted Strasbourg.Ligue 1 fixturesFridayLyon v Monaco (9:45pm)SaturdayDijon v Paris Saint-Germain (6pm), Caen v Angers, Guingamp v Rennes, Lille v Troyes, Saint-Etienne v Metz, Toulouse v Amiens (9pm)SundayBordeaux v Nantes (4pm), Montpellier v Nice (6pm), Strasbourg v Marseille (10pm)0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Monaco’s Stevan Jovetic (2nd L) celebrates with teammates after scoring a goal during their French Ligue 1 match against Lille, at the Pierre-Mauroy Stadium in Villeneuve d’Ascq, on September 22, 2017 © AFP/File / DENIS CHARLETPARIS, France, Oct 12 – French champions Monaco will make the tricky trip to Lyon on Friday without red-hot striker Radamel Falcao, as they look to keep up the pressure on Ligue 1 leaders Paris Saint-Germain.Leonardo Jardim’s side dropped two points with a 1-1 home draw against Montpellier before the international break to slip three points adrift of PSG at the top of the table.last_img read more

Valencia ready to fight off interest from Man United to land £30m man

first_img Enzo Perez Valencia are reportedly preparing a January bid for Manchester United target Enzo Perez.The Benfica midfielder has been linked with a move away from Portugal since impressing for Argentina at the World Cup in Brazil.The 28-year-old started both the semi-final and final for the eventual runners-up, stepping in for the injured Angel Di Maria.Manchester United have been frequently linked with a move for Perez but they now appear set to miss out on the midfielder.According to reports in Spain, Valencia are ready to trigger Perez’s £30m release clause in January.The La Liga side reportedly have money to spend now, after Singapore billionaire Peter Lim completed his takeover of the club last month. 1last_img read more

Picture Special: Raphoe students’ colourful idea to help Pieta House

first_imgStaff and students of the Royal and Prior Comprehensive School in Raphoe successfully organised a 5K Colour Fun Run yesterday!Participants followed a 5k route yesterday afternoon in order to raise vital funds for Pieta House.Over 200 students and staff alike took part in the sun-drenched run around Raphoe. An organiser of the colour run said; “Our Student Support Group would like to thank everyone who came out today to the colour run.“We had an amazing time with a great atmosphere full of colour (literally) and the weather was immaculate.“We raised a great amount of money in aid of Pieta House Donegal thanks to all our generous sponsors and those who came out today.” Picture Special: Raphoe students’ colourful idea to help Pieta House was last modified: March 26th, 2017 by Elaine McCalligShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Colour RunRaphoeroyal and prior comprehensive schoollast_img read more

‘Eden Hazard is the best player in the world,’ claims Chelsea legend

first_img REVEALED RANKED 2 Which teams do the best on Boxing Day in the Premier League era? Former Blues skipper Terry posted a video of the Belgian’s sensational goal on Instagram with the caption: ‘BEST player in the Premier League and in the WORLD.’Hazard has been in unstoppable form since guiding Belgium to third place at the World Cup and already has six goals this season.The post was liked by Sergio Ramos, whose Real Madrid side are known-admirers of the Belgian, while fellow Chelsea legend Didier Drogba replied with a series of flame emojis.Hazard responded, writing: “Thanks @johnterry26 #legend.”Chelsea assistant coach Gianfranco Zola, who took the post-match press conference, said: “He [Hazard] is not only one of the best in the Premier League, if not the best, but he’s one of the best in Europe and the world.“Eden’s growing fast, he’s growing fast in maturity, in choices he’s making on the pitch and I think, in my opinion, we haven’t seen the best yet. Every time Ally McCoist lost it on air in 2019, including funny XI reactions BEST OF Forbes list reveals how much Mayweather, Ronaldo and Messi earned this decade impact REVEALED “I believe [there is more to come] because he has an unbelievable potential inside him and he’s getting to the point when he’s using it at the right moment and that’s something remarkable.“I think it was a fantastic goal, especially not only for the beauty of it but for the moment he scored and he was all on his own, I guess – four defenders – and it was an unbelievable goal.” LATEST FOOTBALL NEWS Every Championship club’s best signing of the decade, including Taarabt and Dack center_img silverware England’s most successful clubs of the past decade, according to trophies won 2 ADVICE Chelsea legend John Terry believes Eden Hazard is the best player in world football right now after his wonder strike against Liverpool.Hazard scored one of the great solo goals in Wednesday’s Carabao Cup tie to stun Anfield and send Chelsea into the next round. Top nine Premier League free transfers of the decade MONEY Hazard one of his best ever goals at Anfield Ronaldo warned Lukaku how hard scoring goals in Serie A would be before Inter move Terry and Hazard were team-mates at Chelsea Where Ancelotti ranks with every Premier League boss for trophies wonlast_img read more


first_imgMS ASTOR ANCHORED OFF GREENCASTLE ( 1,000 German tourists and crew of a cruise ship spent yesterday touring Co Donegal.The passengers onboard the MS Astor cruise ship docked off Greencastle, with many taken ashore for trips all around the county.Glenveagh National Park was a favoured destination. German cruise line operator Transocean brought in 950 passengers and crew as part of a 14-night ‘Lands of Myths & Legends’ tour around Ireland and the UK.The tour departed from Bremerhaven, Germany, recently.The irony of the massive tourism boost however was not lost on locals in Moville and Greencastle who are in a legal battle to stop Donegal County Council pumping sewage into the waters off this beach at Glenburnie, proving popular with locals and visitors this weekend.Said campaigner Enda Craig: “Visitors were being tendored to and from the cruise liner all day before being taken on bus trips to other parts of Donegal. “Hard to believe if the Donegal County Council get their way they will have to come ashore through the discharge of the proposed sewerage waste.” WOW! GIANT GERMAN TOURIST SHIP DOCKS OFF DONEGAL – WHERE COUNCIL PLAN SEWAGE PLANT! was last modified: August 11th, 2012 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:WOW! GIANT GERMAN TOURIST SHIP DOCKS OFF DONEGAL – WHERE COUNCIL PLAN SEWAGE PLANT!last_img read more