Little Silver Referendum To Allow a Watering Hole in Town

first_imgBy John BurtonLITTLE SILVER– On Nov. 3 borough voters will get a chance to say if they want to have their own neighborhood watering hole for the very first time.
Voters are being asked to cast their ballots for a binding referendum when they go to the polls on Election Day to allow the borough to have what by most accounts has never had: a restaurant with a bar.The referendum, if approved by voters, would allow for one retail consumption liquor license in the borough.The governing body has been contemplating the matter for about a year, after a borough resident had approached them about considering issuing the license.That resident, Westwood Road’s Matt Kelly, is interested in opening what he described last November as a family style restaurant and bar. Kelly, who runs a construction contracting business, had said at that point, it was his intention to build something akin to Rumson’s Molly Maguire’s.Kelly, who has been active in the borough’s recreation committee, said he envisions some place that families and friends can continue their socializing following sports and other community events.Kelly continues to be interested in accomplishing this, taking it upon himself to collect the needed petition signatures to secure the referendum initiative, according to Mayor Robert C. Neff, Jr.Neff said the council conducted a special public meeting in recent months because, “I thought it was an important issue that could span generations here,” said Neff.The response from the public was “A number of people were for it. They thought it would add character to the town,” Neff observed. And while there wasn’t much in the way of opposition, “a fair number of residents said we really should have a referendum,” Neff added.Fortuitously enough, given Little Silver had a topic decades ago, research by the borough attorney discovered it would have to be handled with a referendum to issue a consumption license, according to the mayor.
In 1981 the same referendum was roundly defeated, by a 2-to1 margin, Neff said research showed. At that time the former Farmhouse restaurant had sought the license, which was rejected by voters, borough attorney Meghan Bennett Clark had said previously.But should voters support it this time, the council has been researching and working on drafting an ordinance that would layout the restrictions and requirements – such as operating hours, whether to permit live music, the development zone where it would be permitted, and the like – for whoever would eventually gets the liquor license, “to make sure it’s done properly,” said Neff, “something rational and reasonable.”Any liquor license would ultimately be available through a public auction and require background checks on the perspective owners.According to the state Division of Alcohol Beverage Control, municipalities currently are limited to issuing one license per 3,000 residents. Given Little Silver now has a little less than 6,000, one license would be its limit at this point, Neff explained.Little Silver has one package goods license held by Little Silver Bottle Shop, 497 Prospect Ave. Another is held by A&P supermarket, 507 Prospect Ave., which is permitted to sell unrefrigerated beer and wine.To the best of anyone’s knowledge Little Silver has never permitted a consumption license. “I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten a real good reason for that, except for that’s the way it’s always been,” Neff acknowledged, “and fair enough.”“I’m not real sure what the opposition has been,” he continued. “I do understand the concerns out there,” which he assured would be addressed in the eventual ordinance should it get that far.And should voters again reject the proposal “It’s no longer an issue,” Neff noted.last_img read more

Galletti: “I had a lot of faith in that final; I don’t even know why”

first_imgThe game was played in a rare environment, just six days after the attacks of Atocha on 11-M, in Madrid.I remember. It was a strange week, he threatened not to play it, people were sad about what had happened. In my case, my brother had arrived two days before in Spain and had passed through Atocha. It was strange, maybe that’s why there were no big celebrations either. But I remember the joy it meant for us, how the fans accompanied us from Zaragoza, waking up and seeing the crowded square, singing … It was a beautiful experience.His father, who was also a player, was taken to Boca Juniors by Alfredo di Stéfano.My first official match in Zaragoza was against Madrid (in August 2001), in the Spanish Super Cup. The first leg was in our house (1-1), I remember that I changed the shirt with Raul, without a doubt a reference and an idol for us. And on the way back at the Bernabéu (3-0), after finishing the game, a delegate came to the locker room to tell me they wanted to meet me. When I asked who, he said Di Stefano. And I thought: Alfredo di Stéfano wants to meet me? I could’nt believe it. He remembered how he took my dad to Boca, my father started playing late, with 20 years. They are things that remain forever, that reach your soul. A person like him, who has the respect and affection to come to introduce himself, to greet and send a hug to my father … It was very, very exciting. I was angry at losing the final, but he told me the story just as my father had told me before. It was a great joy.Returning to the game: there is an extension and you appear, with that whip from the front. Do I remember it well, crisp?As soon as I receive the ball, I am clear that I will finish. We knew that ball moved a little if you hit your instep. It was a time when the game was back and forth, there were few minutes left and I had a lot of faith that I was going to make a goal. I don’t even know why, but as soon as I received I had decided that I was going to look for the goal. I hit him, I see how the ball moves, it just entered … It was amazing. At first it seemed that he was going outside, then he made the curve and César did not expect it, he was surprised. I had dreamed it, we had all done it. And it was happening. When the ball came in, imagine what I felt, with all the people shouting, I didn’t even know what to do, I took off my shirt … The joy was immense because the game was very difficult and I was being very disputed. Madrid stalking more, we more looking for the cons. And everyone’s dream was fulfilled.That became known as Galacticide. That Madrid was thrown for all the titles and ended up disfigured, falling in Champions quarters and giving up a League that had won. What does Galletti do today?I am a player representative, I am with Ascacíbar (a midfielder who plays for Hertha in Berlin) and with other players in Argentina. Traveling a lot, always on the side of football, since I have reason I have been related to it. My father was a player, I was a player and I have always been linked to football.Didn’t he call being a technician?Not much, no. I didn’t want routine after so long, I wasn’t interested. While I did the first year of the coach course, I preferred not to continue because I did not want to continue with the life of going to train every day. A friend and I went to representatives and we are very happy, working hard and traveling, traveling the world.What do you remember about that Copa del Rey final in 2004?It seems like yesterday, but many years passed. If you think about it, you can’t believe it. The memories are great, that Zaragoza was a young, talented team, very hungry and several selection players. It was something very important, for all of us and for the club.That was the Galactic Madrid, his favoritism was evident. Did it motivate the locker room that, that Zaragoza be killed before playing?Undoubtedly, Madrid was a favorite, he had all the figures, he was a leader in LaLiga, he didn’t lose a match … But we knew we had a chance, a single match, that we had to make a perfect, or almost perfect, match, and Madrid not so much . We mentalized, the preparation was good, but it is true that we had it very difficult. We made a spectacular game, the level of all players was very regular. And I do not forget how the field was, how he encouraged the fans of Zaragoza, it was impressive how he accompanied us. It was a very big push. As much as we have won titles in other teams, it is a match that, for the quality of the rival, will always remain in our memories.Carlos Mira ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Galletti, at Real Madrid-Zaragoza.Carlos Mira It was an important blow for them, and for us too, we were fighting in the lower area of ​​the table and that triumph returned our confidence, we were able to save ourselves quickly and the next course we played the Super Cup against Valencia, which we also won. A very hungry, young and winning group had formed. They were the last two titles of the club. Very important moments for everyone and that they also threw us, we were young, we had the selection in the head and that strengthened us.That Zaragoza was fighting for the titles, now he is in Second Division.I follow the team quite a bit, this year it is firmer, it feels important. Hopefully it will continue like this until the end of the season to return to Primera because it is a team that, by hobby, by quality of players, must be there. I have a lot of love, hopefully it will be the Zaragoza we all expect.Does that goal open the doors to sign a year later for Atlético?We talked with Atleti in the summer of 2004, but we decided, for how the team and I were, to continue another year. But without a doubt that goal and that victory against Madrid accelerated everything a bit, also for the people. I received a lot of messages from Atlético fans telling me to go, to play there. In 2005 I already felt mature to make the leap, it was important for my career.How do you remember that passage through the Calderón?The team was being assembled, Bianchi arrived on the bench and I had the illusion of playing because I was the World Cup the following year. I had a pubalgia, I was until December playing almost nothing. Then I started to play something else, but I had no chance to go to the World Cup, I had lost six months. The following year, with Aguirre on the bench, I felt better and played a lot. But I did not feel the player who had been in Zaragoza and when the opportunity came to go to Olympiacos, to play Champions with a team that was putting together very well, I made the decision. It was a change in my career.He met three coaches in two years at Atleti, the first year just finished tenth and the second, seventh. Are you surprised to see the jump made by the club with Simeone?That was a very unstable Atleti, it didn’t go well for us. The first year was difficult, more in a large team. I already knew that Cholo, because he had already demonstrated it in Estudiantes de La Plata, is a very hardworking person, he organizes not only the costumes, but also the club. I knew that with his help the Atleti was going to make a great quality leap, now it’s another team and it fills me with pride. I follow all my exequipos, I want them to always win, more for Cholo, with whom I shared a match in the national team.In his second year at Atleti he met Agüero, with whom he joins a good friendship.I just was with him in Manchester. He is an incredible person, very humble, he maintains that humility with which he came very small to Atlético. You could tell what conditions he had, as a young man. I needed to adapt, I was young. I was convinced that, where I played, I was going to take a magnificent level. In Atleti he played very well, in Manchester he has finished training and in the Argentine national team he has been a star. He is demonstrating everything he hinted as a young man.He leaves Atleti and leaves for Greece, where his game was most stable.They were impressive years for me, I have a beautiful memory for how people treated me, for how I gave up, for the team that assembled, for the titles won … They were three spectacular years, I found the football that I wanted and with the love of the people, they adopted me and until I had kidney problems, I was being my best year, the most regular.He had kidney failure (the result of a bacterium that had entered his body more than a decade earlier, on a trip to Mexico) and was stopped for three years, his father’s kidney was transplanted and he was afraid he would not play again. Are those six games that you could enjoy with the Crete OFI your biggest success, after all that had happened to you?Yes, the disease surprised me when I was better, I was happy and had renewed four more years of contract. It was a very hard blow, but I am quite strong in the head and I overcame it, with the help of family and friends. I wanted to play at least one more game, retire on a court. Greece reappeared, two or three teams called me and in Crete I was going to play a couple of games, but when I did I felt very good and decided to continue. Until the day we visited the Olympiakos court, there were my family and my friends. They received me in a spectacular way and I felt it was the perfect ending. It was a very nice closing, I needed to end up like this. I felt later that I no longer wanted to play, I haven’t missed him. It was the best thing that could happen to me, because I didn’t feel it before.A forecast for tonight’s game?Uff … I wish Zaragoza wins, I hope it’s a good game and that people enjoy. And if you can win the team for a mood boost, the better.And the weekend, the derby.I will see it too. That I won the Atleti and see if that is how the team gets up.last_img read more

CoC Disqualifies Kamara

first_imgMr. Kamara (right) “is in continuing violation of the code,” the Supreme Court said.Karnwea, Sulunteh Cases NextThe Supreme Court yesterday unanimously confirmed the National Elections Commission’s (NEC) rejection of Abu Kamara to contest as a representative aspirant for Montserrado County Electoral District#15 in the October presidential and legislative elections.NEC recently rejected Kamara’s application to contest the pending elections on the grounds that he committed an egregious and flagrant violation of the Code of Conduct (CoC) by still serving as assistant minister, claiming he intends to use government resources to canvass and contest in the elections.However, Kamara had contended that the NEC, without any legal basis and support consistent with the process, denied and rejected his application on grounds that he is prohibited from contesting for public office as outlined in the controversial CoC, admitting that he currently serves as assistant minister for administration at the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications.In their unanimous opinion yesterday, the court declared that “since the decision of the NEC rejecting Kamara’s application was a final result from that administrative forum, the available course to him (Kamara) was to come directly to the Supreme Court by regular appeal and not by prohibition. The alternative writ of prohibition issued is ordered quashed and the peremptory asked to be issued by the court is denied.”Before yesterday’s decision, Justice in Chambers Philip A.Z. Banks issued an alternative writ against the NEC, directing the electoral body to partly halt the implementation of its action on Kamara, pending hearing by the entire five justices, on grounds that the matter was constitutional and needed to be determined by all of the justices.Chief Justice Francis Korkpor who delivered the opinion of the court reiterated that they (justices) affirmed the interpretation given in the Serena Mapppy Polson case, by which public officials are covered by the CoC.Madam Polson currently serves as superintendent of Bong County. She challenged the unconstitutionality of the CoC, based on which 3 of the justices, including Chief Justice Korkpor, voted that the code was constitutional and two other justices voted against.“We take due note that the CoC Act was enacted and approved by March 31, 2014, and published into law on June 20, 2014, more than three years ahead to ensure presidential and legislative elections,” the Chief Justice explained. “Kamara was appointed to the position of assistant minister for administration at the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications in March 2016, just one year, a position he currently occupies.”“This means that the code is applicable to Kamara, although the law was passed long before he was appointed to his current position, we hold that he was given notice of the inclusion of the position under the Act, after the interpretation of the CoC by the Supreme Court,” Justice Korkpor indicated.“The court declared that persons not specifically listed in Section 5.2 of the code was in fact intended to be included under the code by virtue of Article 56 (a) of the 1986 Constitution of Liberia,” the Chief Justice stated, “Thus as of the date of the court’s opinion Kamara had due notice that the law applied to him.”“Kamara is in violation of the code as he is still retaining the position of assistant minister for administration, while at the same time, applying to contest an elective public office. Thus he is in continuing violation of the code,” the Justice emphasized.Justice Korkpor said it was expected that as part of the rudiment of adherence to the rule of law, “every affected public official appointed by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, including Kamara should have taken due note.”“Kamara failed or refused to take due note of the opinion handed down by the court, instead, he decided to flaunt our decision such that up to the date of the hearing of this case and even to the date of the judgment, he is still maintaining and holding onto the position to which he was appointed by the President, while at the same time, applying to the NEC to vie for elective public office,” Korkpor said.This action of remaining in his position, the Justice wondered, “is not only in violation of the code, but an utter affront to the decision of the court under the circumstance.”“We do not see the need to reverse the decision of the NEC, though it was made without due process, since the conduct amounts to an egregious violation of the code and we concur with the NEC’s rejection and disqualification of Kamara from contesting an elective position in the 2017 elections,” the chief justice noted.According to Korkpor, the right to due process is a fundamental constitutional protection, “that no person can be deprived of that right by any agency of the government, whether of the Legislature, the Executive, and the Judiciary or any other forum.“Due process is therefore at the very core of our jurisprudence, we are not prepared to tolerate any departure from this long standing valuable principle which we have upheld in a long line of cases,” Justice Korkpor vowed, “There is no evidence that NEC accorded due process of law. We have seen nothing in the records that indicate a hearing was conducted by the NEC, prior to the decision to reject Kamara.”“We see only that the chairman of the NEC signed onto an instrument which informed Kamara that his application had been denied because he had failed to meet the registration requirement laid in the code,” Korkpor pointed out. “We held the NEC in error and in breach of the law by not according Kamara the due process.”The NEC, Korkpor explained, “is an independent administrative forum of record and that the proceedings held by that body are expected to be recorded with appropriate minutes being taken.”“We must state in no uncertain terms that henceforth, in all applications placed before the NEC by any aspirant or candidate for certification or qualification to contest any elective public office the NEC is required to conduct a hearing and that the aspirant is given the opportunity to explain any deficiency or perceived deficiency in his or her application to set the basis for a determination as to the penalty to be imposed, otherwise, the imposition of a penalty could cast doubts on the process before the NEC,” he said.Meanwhile, the Supreme Court will this week deliver its opinion (ruling) on whether or not the NEC’s rejection of two vice presidential aspirants, Jeremiah Sulunteh of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) and Mr. Harrison Karnwea of the Liberty Party (LP), were constitutional.Sulunteh is Liberia’s former Ambassador to the United States, while Karnwea is former managing director of the Forestry Development Authority (FDA), both of whom NEC claimed were in violation of the CoC.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Norton lambastes management of Diamond Hospital

first_imgPublic Health Minister, Dr George Norton meeting with staff of the Diamond Diagnostic Centre-shortage of drugs, doctors, nurses highlighted during visitBy Kizzy ColemanFollowing the cries of employees at the Diamond Diagnostic Centre (DDC) of inhumane conditions, Public Health Minister on Friday visited the East Bank Demerara establishment and lashed out at management there.In a meeting in the director’s office Dr Kay Shako, Minister Norton accompanied by Minister Dr Karen Cummings, grilled and lambasted the hospital administrators for the current crises facing the institution.Addressing the meeting, Minister Norton said the Diagnostic Centre was built with a purpose, a purpose which it is currently not achieving because administrators are not operating in the capacity as they should.He said it is the duty of the administrators to bring to the attention of the Public Health Ministry problems they are faced with. This he noted is not being done.According to Norton, the DDC has seen better days and is losing its previous status.Assessing the situation, Dr Norton stated: “We cannot afford to have Diamond Diagnostic Centre crumble, this is not going to happen, and we are going to implement the necessary changes to bring it back to where it was and even better.”He reminded the administrators that each year, the hospital have a history of sending back $6 million to the Consolidated Funds, which should not repeat itself this year.“What is happening, we have to work together, we need this thing to work,” Norton petitioned the administrators.He further reminded that the Diagnostic Centre was built to relieve the situation at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH) but is presently forwarding patients to GPH instead.CrisisQuestioning the administrators, Dr Norton was updated about the plights the hospital is presently facing.With a visible list of the problems affecting the facility, Medical Superintendent of the hospital Dr Micheal Pereira relayed that chief among the issues plaguing the institution is the shortage of doctors, nurses, drugs, and medical equipment.Because of these shortages, surgeries at the institution cannot be conducted and persons are being rescheduled constantly or referred to the GPH.Dr Pereira informed that there are no certified pharmacists at the hospital nor are there sufficient ambulance drivers.The minister was also told that employees are not being paid on time; there is no Police Outpost at the facility; and no security service is available. There is also the need for social workers.The administrators also decried the poor facilities they are forced to work with on a daily basis.According to the administrators, there are broken doors in the hospital, non-functional air-conditioning units, leaking roof, insufficient equipment and medication in the ambulances, black mould forming on the roofs, and the lack of water.Presently the fire service has been supplying the hospital with water as Guyana Water Incorporation (GWI) is facing difficulties supplying water not only to the hospital but to the entire area.According to the administrators, the issues currently facing the hospital have been ongoing for a number of months.After listening to the situation, Dr Norton explained that it is not his desire to point a finger at administrators but to get them functioning in an effective manner.“Anything that happens at Timehri its diamond they will be coming, at the stadium, it’s Diamond that they will be coming so we cannot afford to leave this hospital in such a terrible condition”.SolutionThe Public Health Minister proposed a qualified individual to be put in place at the hospital to take the lead over the administrators.“We need to get the administration under better control to have things working better.”According to the administrators, the tendering process for approval of funds for the equipment and ordered drugs from the region is proving to be a huge issue, as such the minister said that consultations must be carried out to have this changed.Consultations will also have to be held with the Materials Management Unit who is currently not supplying sufficient medical equipment, drugs to the hospital and delaying the process on many occasions.Norton also assured that better qualified persons will be employed at the facility.“We need to identify the problem, think about the solution, and work towards the solution. If we are doing things one way and we are not getting results then we got to change it but we want to do it together”.Visibly frustrated, both Norton and Cummings noted that they must find a way forward to fix the situation urgently.last_img read more

Trackers pick up big victory in Grande Prairie over the weekend

first_imgHead coach Gerard Dicaire said, “The coaching staff felt our boys weren’t competing hard enough on a consistent basis. We had a tough week of practice to preach these habits. The team played well and won a hard-fought game against an underrated team in Grande Prairie. The true test will be in Prince George this weekend.”Up next for the Trackers is a trip to Prince George for a tournament this weekend, where in addition to a tilt against the home team they’ll face off against teams from Calgary, Seafair, and Semiahmoo. Puck drop for their first game is at 8:00 a.m. on Friday.You can watch every game on the Trackers’ Ustream page. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Northeast B.C./Yukon Trackers returned home on Friday night after defeating the Grande Prairie Storm.The Trackers didn’t get the start they were looking for as the home side opened the scoring less than five minutes into the game. The visitors tied it at 1-1 with 4:06 to play on an unassisted goal by Connor Bowie.The second stanza didn’t see any scoring until late in the frame. After falling behind 2-1 the Trackers responded on a great passing play between Connor Kindrat and Curtis Hammond that was finished off by Kindrat. With one second left Tyler Turner scored on the powerplay to put the Trackers up to 3-2, assisted by Connor Bowie and Zury Reschke.- Advertisement -The third frame saw the Trackers add to the lead 4-2 at 15:21 when Hammond found the net after working the puck around the offensive zone with Duncan Ross and Cody Bueckert. Hammond scored his second of the period just over seven minutes later to make it 5-2. Noah Lang added one more with seven seconds left, assisted by Kindrat and John Herrington.Tyler MacArthur stopped 25 of 27 shots, while the Storms goaltender made 22 of 28 saves.With the win, the team improves its record to 6-4-1, six points behind the Peace River Royals in the Bouchier Division standings.Advertisementlast_img read more

Family runs together in time of need

first_img “We’re a close, loving family,” says Rigo, an electrician by trade, alongside his brother Nick. “One Saturday we had 20 members of our family show up to train with Juan, including all his little nieces and nephews. It was beautiful to see.” Juan still can’t talk about that trip up the Arizona mountain on the backs of his family members without choking up. “When we got to the top we all held hands and thanked God for the opportunity to be together, and pull together in such difficult times. It meant so much to me.” The Mendoza brothers will begin the L.A. Marathon in March far behind the starting line, where Juan begins with other wheelchair contestants. They will catch up with their little brother around the 8- to 10-mile mark when his arms are weary and his strength is flagging. When he needs a strong shot of support from his brothers. “We have a saying in the family – ‘You have the heart of an Aztec,”‘ Joe said. That’s what they remind their little brother when they reach him. You can do it. Keep going. You have the heart of an Aztec. “Last year, they gave me high fives as they passed me, saying ‘C’mon, brother, you can make it,”‘ Juan said. `’I could feel a surge of energy go through my body, but I was waiting for another guy in a wheelchair. I wanted to make sure he was OK. I stayed with him for about a mile, then told him I was sorry, but I needed to go. I had to catch my brothers.” And that’s what Juan Mendoza did. One by one, he caught and passed his brothers – waiting for them at the finish line. Telling them all they had the heart of an Aztec. Dennis McCarthy’s column appears Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Dennis McCarthy, (818) 713-3749 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Nick Mendoza knelt as his brothers Joe and Rigo lifted their youngest sibling, 30-year-old Juan, out of his wheelchair and put him on Nick’s back. Then Nick started the 1 1/2-mile trek up the mountain near their sister, Rosa’s, home in Arizona. After a few hundred feet, Joe took over for Nick. Then brothers Rigo, Sergio, and Oscar took turns – along with a few adult nieces and nephews – carrying Juan until they reached the top of the trail. The Mendoza family is close. Real close. “My whole family, especially my brothers, all supported me after the accident, and never let me think there wasn’t anything I still couldn’t do with them – even run up a mountain,” says Juan, who lost one leg and severely damaged another in a 1998 car crash. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREGift Box shows no rust in San Antonio Stakes win at Santa Anita Two years later, Juan entered the Los Angeles Marathon as a wheelchair contestant. And when his brothers found out Juan was training for the 26.2- mile course, they did the only thing they could do: They trained with him. Every weekend, you can find the Mendoza brothers training in Griffith Park, with Juan setting the pace in his wheelchair. “When we saw how much his heart was in this, we knew we had to encourage him the best way we knew how,” says brother Joe, a painter. “That meant running the marathon with him.” Training for the L.A. Marathon has been some of the most powerful therapy he’s found to overcome the tragedy that also left one of his children in a wheelchair, says Juan, who owns Paul’s Cafe in Tarzana. “After a few months in the hospital, I knew I had to do something with my life so I started training. When my brothers found out, they showed up one day to start training with me.” last_img

Man United is the ‘best place’ for Marcus Rashford, says former Red Devil

first_img2015/16: 18 apps / 8 goals2016/17: 53 apps / 11 goals2017/18: 52 apps / 13 goals2018/19: 13 apps / 2 goals (to date) Son ban confirmed as Tottenham fail with appeal to overturn red card ADVICE 3 shining Which teams do the best on Boxing Day in the Premier League era? Top nine Premier League free transfers of the decade Every time Ally McCoist lost it on air in 2019, including funny XI reactions “People said when Zlatan Ibrahimovic was there it was bad for Rashford, but I thought that was great for Rashford because he is still learning.“I think at times we forget his age because he started so young at Manchester United and we all think he’s older than he actually is. Forbes list reveals how much Mayweather, Ronaldo and Messi earned this decade “I think he’s in the best place at the moment.“He’s contracted until 2020, and I just think he needs to see where the land lies over the next season or so.”Listen back to Danny Higginbotham on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast IN FULL above! Oxlade-Chamberlain suffers another setback as Klopp confirms serious injury Rashford’s Manchester United career Berahino hits back at b******t Johnson criticism – ‘I was in a dark place at Stoke’ REVEALED Latest Football News Rashford in action against Juve in this season’s Champions League no dice BEST OF Where Ancelotti ranks with every Premier League boss for trophies won huge blow “A lot of people have also said, ‘well he’s got to leave the club because it’s affecting his international career’, but he’s just equalled a 52-year record – he’s made 16 England appearances in a calendar year which is the joint most. REPLY REVEALED Premier League Team of the Season so far, including Liverpool and Leicester stars “I do look at him and think there will be a frustration there but I don’t think there’s any need for him to move anywhere at the moment.“He had been playing quite a few games for Manchester United this season, he is getting opportunities. 3 Danny Higginbotham insists Manchester United is the ‘best place’ for Marcus Rashford.The 21-year-old England star has been linked with a stunning Old Trafford exit amid rumours he is frustrated with his role under Jose Mourinho.Rashford has started just five Premier League games this season, and has more goals for his country [three] than for his club [two].Juventus and Real Madrid are both reportedly interested in the forward, with the Italian champions said to be ‘compiling a dossier’ on the United academy graduate as they consider a potential move. RANKED 3 MONEY Rashford has scored three goals for England this season Ronaldo warned Lukaku how hard scoring goals in Serie A would be before Inter move Rashford burst onto the scene in February 2016 with two goals on his senior United debut talkSPORT co-host Micky Gray believes Rashford should join Juve, saying the striker is being wasted at Old Trafford and that he would be a ‘perfect fit’ for the Turin giants.But former Red Devils defender Higginbotham has urged people to remember Rashford is only 21, and says he is getting plenty of games for Manchester United for a player of his age.Speaking on Tuesday’s Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast, he said: “Marcus Rashford came onto the scene at a young age and he has been unbelievable since.“A lot of people are now saying he needs to move because he needs to be playing more, but I think they forget that he’s still only 21.last_img read more


first_imgA 24 year old skateboarder is to kick-off a fundraising trip tomorrow which will take him the length of the country starting in Malin Head.Edward Downey hopes the fundraising campaign will help provide a skateboarding park for Kilkenny.In the first step of many, Ed is embarking on a journey from the northmost tip of Ireland  at Malin Head to its most southerly point at Mizen Head. Starting tomorrow (THURS), Ed is aiming to longboard 412 miles in 7 days; breaking the existing record of 11 days.The website recording the event, details and progress is This is an incredible challenge which will require outstanding physical and mental perseverance. Although the challenge is colossal, the effort will all be in vain if support cannot be rallied in his and the cause’s favour.Kilkenny is the most populous city/town in Ireland without a skatepark.Members of the skating community of Kilkenny struggle to obtain, let alone attain an area in which to practice their skills. Two groups, Urban Sports Kilkenny and Kilkenny360 were founded in recent years to support local skateboarders, rollerbladers and bmx-ers who have been campaigning for a skatepark facility for several years (extending into decades). Successive Kilkenny County Councils have voiced their support for the cause but have reneged on promises to deliver a skatepark. Recently, the aforementioned groups have taken matters into their own hands and need your support to make this dream of many a reality. MAN TO SKATEBOARD THE LENGTH OF IRELAND STARTING IN DONEGAL! was last modified: September 19th, 2012 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Edward DowneyMalin Headskateboard parklast_img read more

New city manager to get pay raise

first_imgLA HABRA HEIGHTS – The city is close to hiring a new city manager, who is expected to receive a $24,000 pay raise over what the previous manager made. Council members are not releasing the name, but a contract is expected to be negotiated and approved at a special meeting Dec. 1, said interim City Manager James Ruth. “We were impressed with his skills, his resume, his past accomplishments and what he’s done,” Councilman Brian Bergman said Thursday. “He came to us highly recommended.” Bergman said the city needed to increase its pay for the city manager position. The council last week approved a reorganization plan that will include two new full-time positions and filling a maintenance worker position that was authorized in this year’s budget but is still vacant. The community development director/assistant city manager and associate planner positions will replace two contracts the city has had. The plan also calls for re-establishing the deputy city clerk position in place of a senior administrative secretary. “(The changes) will give the city considerably more continuity and supervision in the development and planning area,” Ruth said. “Between these two positions, the city will gain 1,300 productive hours a year.” Ruth said the city can afford the $42,100 additional cost. That number includes the city manager raise. When approved in June, the city’s budget had projected a $163,348 general fund surplus. Most of the additional revenue is from increased building and planning permits, Ruth said. (562)698-0955, Ext. 3022160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREWalnut’s Malik Khouzam voted Southern California Boys Athlete of the Week “If we’re going to run a good city, you need quality people,” he said. “You have to stay at a competitive rate. I want the best for the city. I don’t want to hire the second or third string.” Ruth was the one who recommended the still unnamed individual for the city manager job. “He’s a former city manager and has about 40 years of experience in government,” he said. “He’ll be able to hit the decks running.” The city manager’s job became vacant in September when then-City Manager John Hendrickson announced his retirement after nearly four years’ service. The city manager’s position isn’t the only change the city is making. last_img read more

Maroons defeat URA to ease relegation fears

first_imgMaroons (Blue and Maroon) are now 12th on the log (file photo)StarTimes Uganda Premier LeagueURA FC 0-1 Maroons FCMandela National Stadium, NambooleFriday, 08-02-2019NAMBOOLE – Maroons defeated URA 1-0 at Mandela National Stadium in one of the two StarTimes Premier League games played on Friday.URA’s Kigongo Ronald held the ball in the box and invited a foul inside the Tax Collectors box, hence the referee awarding the guests a penalty scored by Brian Majwega in the 73rd minute.This is Maroons first away win of the season and URA’s second loss with the first coming at home to KCCA.URA tried to equalize through Charles Sempa who received a pass in the box and shot but the ball went straight in the hands of Akol Emanuel and denied the hosts a chance to convert.Lwasa Peter (URA) fashioned a shot from the edge of the box after receiving an accurate pass but  Akol made a stunning save to stop the effort from flying into the bottom left corner just before Majwega scored.Agau Rashid was replaced by Yubu Bogere in the 75 that minute who created many chances but failed to convert.Speaking to the press after the win, Maroons head coach Robert Semweyana said he needed the points in order to survive relegation and he promised to win the remaining games.“Am very happy that we have defeated a team like URA and we needed the points and we are going to make sure we win the remaining Matches”. He said.Maroons moves to the 12th position with 18 points while URA stays in the 4th with 31.The other game played on Friday:-Mbarara City 3-0 Nyamityobora FCComments Tags: Brian MajwegamaroonsStarTimes Uganda Premier LeagueURA FClast_img read more